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    Bicycle Engine Installation Preview

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    How to Mix Oil & Gas for a 2 Stroke Motor

    We go over how to mix your oil & gas for a 2 stroke motor. The ratio of oil to gas is 1 oil to 16 gas for

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66/80cc Flying Horse Black Angle Fire Bicycle Engine Kits - 2 Stroke Item# FH-BEK80-B

OUR PRICE: $199.95
List Price: $349.95

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66/80cc Flying Horse 2-Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit

Gasoline operated products are NOT compliant with Environmental Protection Agency ( E.P.A. ) or California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B) for the use on/off Public roads. Upon purchase, the buyer agrees to use products for racing (closed-course competition) only and NOT for on/off public roads.

If you’re looking for a performance engine that'll last, look no further than our 66/80cc Black Flying Horse bicycle engine kit! Perfect for those comfortable with faster engines and have a desire to get up and go, the Flying Horse bike engine kit will have your ordinary beach cruiser soaring down the street . There's no rope pulling needed and you can stop or start the engine as you ride: just pedal the bike normally and start the engine by releasing the clutch lever.

All of the Flying Horse bike engines feature the latest upgrades, including Japanese bearings and clutch components. We make certain that all of our manufactures abide by strict quality control assurance measures and use the highest quality material so that we can make certain that all of our customers get only the best. Made for experienced riders and builders, our Flying Horse 66cc engine kit is ready soar- are you?

On top of our strict quality assurance measures, we also back our engines with an industry leading 6 month warranty

Product Dimensions and Specifications

The Flying Horse 66/80cc engine kit is about 8.5" height 7" length 5" width. The bike engine kit fits on standard, male frames with tubing of 25mm to 29mm in diameter. Larger frame sizes require drilling into bike frame with a stationary bolt and use the universal face plate to mount the front of the engine.

2.75 HP (horse power)

25 to 40 mph depending on the gear ratio and weight

Fuel Economy: 100-150 miles per gallon

The engine chain does not interfere with your current drive chain and peddling because it rides on the opposite side of the bike sprocket.


Product Requirements

Installation is a breeze! The rider only needs some basic hardware skills, tools, and around 2-3 hours for installation and fine tuning adjustments (Note: Seller is not responsible for misuse or this kit or any warranty after installation).

*Note* CNS Carburetor upgrades will require extra matierial to fit flush around the manifold. This can be remedied by wrapping the manifold with electric tape or using PVC to fill in the gap between the carburetor port and the maifold. 

 Fits Most 26" Wheeled Bikes (Mountain, Cruiser, Chopper, Road) with V-frame. The frame should have 9-11” of clearance between the bottom bracket and top bar, and the diameter of the frame tubes should be 25-29mm (around an 1”).


Package includes *(Products pictured may come in different colors but does not hinder performance.)

1. 2011 Black Flying Horse 66/80cc 2-Stroke Engine

2. Low Profile Carburetor

3. Upgraded Chrome Muffler

4. Complete Clutch Cable Assembly with Clutch Wire Clip

5. Drive Chain Idler Pulley

6. Top Quality Japanese 202 Main Bearings

7. 415 Bike Engine Drive Chain

8. Drive Chain Guard

9. 2-Stroke Spark Plug

10. Electron Ignition Coil (CDI)

11. Locking Alloy Clutch Lever

12. Upgraded Twist Throttle and Cable With Grip

13. Updated 2.5L Black Teardrop Gas Tank (approx. ¼ of a gallon)

14. Fuel Line

15. Throttle Cable

16. Gasoline Tank Switch

17. Sprocket Clamp Assembly

18. 44 Tooth Chrome Drive Sprocket with 9 Holes

19. Large Spring (Heat Shield Spring)

20. Extension Spring (Recoil Spring)

21. High Quality Japanese Bearings on Both Ends of Crank

22. Kill Switch

23. Magneto

24. Required Hardware and Gaskets

25. Bonus: Spark Plug Removal Tool (While Supplies Last)!

26. Bonus: Standard Universal Bracket

27. Complete Easy to Follow Installation Instructions

Disclaimer: Operating this motorized bicycle and bicycle engine kit involved some risk of serious bodily injury. Buyer accepts responsibility for any and all vehicle operation that may lead to personal injury, economic loss, social distress, other losses, costs and damages. Seller is not responsible for injuries and/or damages resulting from operating this motorized bicycle or bicycle engine kit. Upon purchase, the buyer agrees to use products for racing (closed-course competition) only and not for on/off public roads.

Disclosure of accurate engine size: While we have chosen to use the long standing factory branding engine size of "80cc", the true displacement of the bicycle engine is 66cc. Down through the years China bicycle engine manufactures have advertised their biggest engine as 80cc, therefore we have listed them in the same way on our website. However, the bore and stroke of an 80cc being 47x38mm equals 66cc. Therefore the true displacement of the 80cc bike motor is 66cc. In the west, the volume of a cylinder is calculated by using the formula Volume = Pi x Radius Squared x Stroke. However, in the east the displacement of an engine includes the area of the cylinder head's combustion chamber as well as the volume of the cylinder. Therein lies a discrepancy between measuring standards by the manufactures in China with those in the United States. However, all "80cc" engine kits on the market today are actually 66cc in displacement size if measuring by US standards.

Waranty information

All of our bicycles come with a 60 day warranty on frame failure and 30 days warranty on parts against any manufacture defects. The manufacture will replace any defective parts within the warranty period. Damages caused by misuse, improper maintenance or neglect are not covered by the manufactures warranty.

All returns must be pre-approved by contacting our RMA Department through the contact us page. Please provide us with your order number, date of purchase and reason for return. Not providing the detailed information requested will delay the returns process. Returns must be made within 5 days of delivery and are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Item must be returned in new, resellable condition.

Once your request has been received, you will be contacted within 5 business days with instructions for sending back the item(s). You must re-package any item(s) being returned as it was delivered to you, with all components, materials and documentation. We will ship the replacement once we have received and processed the returned item(s). If you request for a refund, we will notify you via Email of your refund once we have received and processed the returned item(s). All refunds will be limited to and based on the current price of the item minus any restocking fees.

All shipping costs are non-refundable. Customers are responsible for return shipping back to BikeBerry.com

By initiating the RMA process customers agrees to all decisions by BikeBerry.com and all decisions are final. Please allow up to 2 billing cycles for your credit to be posted to your account.

The following are warranty limitations and exclusions for bicycle engine kit product(s):

* Hoses
* Lubricants
* Gaskets
* Spark plugs
* Standard wear and tear: plastic parts & components (color coordinated housing, brakes, brake handles, seats, chain and tires.
* Extreme riding, racing or competition
* Loss of time without vehicle
* Vandalism, fire or theft
* Crash or accident
* Unauthorized outside repair
* Warranty does not cover or reimburse any outside labor charges
* Warranty does not cover any towing or shipping charges to and from for any reason including but not limited to repair, return or exchanges
* Defective warranty part(s) are required to be returned for exchange or for new replacement part(s).

The buyer is responsible for returning the products at their own expense during warranty. The buyer will be responsible for properly packaging the product(s) and shipping product(s) back to our location.
The warranty is voided if:

* The product(s) is customized in any way other than manual.
* The product(s) is damaged due to natural causes.
* The product(s) is damaged due to an accident.
* The product(s) is vandalized or stolen.
* The product(s) does not get proper or periodic maintenance.
* The product(s) is used in a manner which it was not intended for.
* The product(s) is modified

Only parts will be covered under the manufactures defect warranty. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine which part is defective. Customer is responsible for repairs or installation of new exchange parts. Only defective parts will be exchanged.

Best Price Guarantee

BikeBerry.com is committed to providing our customers with the best price available online! At BikeBerry.com we work hard to offer the most competitive pricing available, but if you find a lower price online, let us know and we'll match it! In fact, if you find a lower price within 30 days of your original purchase date, we'll refund you the difference.

Complete the Best Price Guarantee form below to request a quote or price difference refund.

Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions:

Item must be the identical model from an authorized U.S. dealer. Specifically, the product must have the same U.S. manufacturer's warranty, model number, and contain the same components. BikeBerry.com will price match only in-stock products.

BikeBerry.com reserves the right to verify another online company's product availability and price before issuing a price match.

BikeBerry.com does not match auction websites or refurbished products.

The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to obvious pricing errors or clearance/close-out items.

Best Price Guarantee applies to the total purchase price of the item. Total purchase price includes shipping, taxes, or other discounts.

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Customer Reviews

Had to fix a few things but nothing I couldn't do Review by Mij
Motor arrived in 6 days. One of the boxes in the big box had been opened. I noticed that the screw heads on the sprocket had been striped. I then drilled the heads off and got new screws at the hardware store. The chain guide didn't work so I tightened the chain and didn' t use it. Bike started after 4 tries down a hill. The second time I started the bike it took wright off.I think this bike will be fun to ride. (Posted on 10/13/14)
Amazing speed!!! Review by ZT
Wow if you are looking for speed, this I it right here. This engine combined with a new high performance exhaust pipe and a boost bottle allows me to idle at 10mph (without even touching the throttle.) I reached a top speed of 40mph and held it there for about 3 minutes before I "got scared" and reduced speed.

This engine puts a smile on my face everytime I use it! I highly recommend it to anyone who has basic tool skills and an hour free for preventitave matinence (the kits require constant re-tightening otherwise you'll lose a mounting stud like I did). (Posted on 10/8/14)
nice kit,easy install Review by mksoflo
Ordered the 66cc got it FedEx in about 8 days easy install with minor mods . Hand tools ,cutoff wheel needed.some carb ajustmentsand it runs sweet .everything needed comes in the kit. The only problem I had was getting the clutch adjusted I got a bad cable but a call to b.b.and anew one is on the way all in all I have to give the experience five berrys (Posted on 11/15/13)
Great product, highly reccommended Review by Ronnie
I recently used this engine kit to motorize a Nirve Red Star 26" beach cruiser. Everything needed was in the box, and it was sitting on my doorstep six days after ordering. Assembly time was about 15 hours. If this is your first gasbike build like it was for me, find someone with small engine/motorcycle engine experience to help you. The engine started right up with no problem, and runs great. Actually, it runs REALLY great. Because the manufacturer recommends a very rich fuel mixture during the break in period, expect your first spark plug to foul quickly. The standard carburetor included works very well. I am very pleased with both the price and the worry free performance of the Flying Horse kit. I've had a total blast on my gasbike, and for a complete kit like this under 200 bucks, you just can't go wrong. I have yet to go for a ride without being stopped by people that want to ask questions and take a closer look. I highly recommend this engine kit for anyone looking to build a gasbike. You couldn't ask for more inexpensive, efficient and fun transportation. I'm currently on my fourth gallon of gas, and the only problem I've encountered was replacing the sparkplug. Great performance and quality for the money. Do it! You won't be sorry. (Posted on 10/19/13)
great product Review by meWA
Runs great, its alot of fun to ride. The fuel valve that was in the kit did not work, so i had to get a fitting and a new valve. but no other problems! Washington buyers beware!!!!! This is not a way around not having a drivers license. In Washington state, a motorized bicycle is considered a moped. You must have a drivers license, mirrors, head light, tail light, turn signals, brake light, DOT approved helmet and a license plate. You can and will go to jail over that here. It is possible to get all of these things. Iv done it. so good luck. (Posted on 4/29/13)
Complete success Review by Terry
I bought the same kit from eBay but i installed it on my Schwinn legacy with little to know complications and now i have reliable Legal transportation. when you put these kits together correctly everything works out well. (Posted on 8/11/12)
Lighting Review by Chris
For those looking to add lights check out the accessories section. They sell a Bullet Headlight Generator Kit. comes with headlight tail light generator brackets and wiring for $35. (Posted on 6/3/12)
80cc angle fire Review by adare
good motor has plenty of power it took 2 days to get it set up if the chain isnt tight enough it will jam on the engine block it looks kinda cheap till you actually ride it. the fins on the motor didnt look very well cut the chain broke. the carborater is anoying how it is set up you need good machanic skills but all together it is a good motor for the money (Posted on 4/10/12)
The kit had everything necessary to install the engine. Review by Michael Blasser
The kit had everything necessary to install the engine. It was an enjoyable evening project. The motor started right up and has lots of power. The only extra tool necessary is a chain link breaker. (Posted on 3/26/12)
this is agood bike it was so good Review by aaron lutterloh
this is agood bike it was so good i got my budy to get one and he loves it but they need to make the chain biger or stronger but i recomend this bike (Posted on 3/26/12)
This is my first bicycle engine kit. Review by John
This is my first bicycle engine kit. Everything arrived on time. A couple dings and dents. No scratches, everything is wraped in a bag or bubble wrap and packed tight. Assembly onto my doner bike was a breeze. The engine roared to life in five revelutions of my pedals. I dont have a speedo. I am currently using break-in mix (Break-in takes a while). But I think I can see this thing doing 30 no problem. As far as how long it will last ? Well Its only as good as its mechanic, money and maintance practice's ? Over all, this kit has everything you need to stop pedeling your bike and to propell your lazy butt wherever you want to go at a reasonable speed using very little fuel. (Posted on 3/26/12)
GREAT MOTOR, GREAT SERVICE. Review by Chris Westenhaver
GREAT MOTOR, GREAT SERVICE. Took me personally 10 hours to get my motor on my bike, since i wanted every thing to be completely perfect. I HIGHLY reccomend this, is great on gas, putt around town all day, no problem from the law. A++++++, and parts are just as easy to order too! THANKS BIKEBERRY! (Posted on 3/26/12)
The Grubee Skyhawk 66 angle fire is Awesome ! Review by nicholas rivera
The Grubee Skyhawk 66 angle fire is Awesome ! it is always very windy where i live and this little motor cuts right threw it, after break in, and i could go "cruising" speed it has a good deal of power. Very responsive throttle ! i didnt have to adjust anything other than the idle, it was a bit fast. Easy assembly, i have a Micargi Prado Deluxe i put it on. It needed a little customization, but well worth the $25 welding job. The remote choke control is nice, if you need it. I Say, "Get One !" Started up in the first 20 yards of peddling on the first try, i am at sea level. (Posted on 3/26/12)
this is a great engine kit Review by mike bailey
this is a great engine kit compared to many other chinsese engine because of new style carb and addiontial parts but i had trouble intsalling the engine due to the fact the carburetour insides were lose which was a 2 day cutback please check the engine kit before shipping bikeberry (Posted on 3/26/12)
To Cory, I\'m still looking at motors for my bike. Review by Don Frey
To Cory, I\'m still looking at motors for my bike. But you need to work on your math. 1.5 liters = 0.396 so at 100 mpg = 39.6 miles if the tank is a true 1.5 liter. It looks like your getting close to the 100 mpg. (Posted on 3/21/12)
I received this kit for Christmas Review by Cory Lang
I received this kit for Christmas and just finished putting it on my bike over the weekend. Installation took me about 4 hours. Tuning took another 1-2 hours.

- Engine fired right up, runs strong.
- Chain seems strong.
- Cables seem good so far.
- Gas tank, valve, carb and included tube are great.
- The included bikeberry.com installation video was nice to reference during installation, although the engine installed on that DVD is a Grubee Skyhawk, not a Flying Horse.

- Included instruction manual is a joke - looks like it's been photocopied many times over - the pictures are indiscernable. Make sure you have some experience!
- Kill switch was DOA. After testing with multimeter, I confirmed the switch was bad. Went to Radioshack, and replaced with a different switch.
- Throttle assembly is all plastic, so be careful not to exert too much force. When I disassembled to remove the kill switch, the part of the throttle assembly which keeps the engine from going below "idle" wore off (with literally 2 hours of use lol), now the engine dies if throttle handle is moved forward past a certain point. This worked out fine for me though as the idle was too high, and could not be reduced via idling screw on carb and adjustments on top of carb and throttle.
- The entire engine block was spray painted black - this included the wires coming out of the block - I had to sand down the ends of the wires which connect to the coil, and remove the black spray paint from them to ensure good connectivity.
- MPG is hardly 150 miles per gallon. Although I am still breaking this in (running 16:1 ratio for first 4 tanks and not exceeding 20kmph), I emptied my first tank in less than 40 miles - a far cry from the advertised 75 miles per tank.

- I am pleased with the kit, but not surprised of the quality issues. MADE IN CHINA. What do you expect?
- This is a great starter kit. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to experience a fun project and install.
- During the installation, my friends came over to check it out. The "eagle" on the grips is trying to mimic an eagle, but really it looks like a nutsack with wings lol - we named my bike The Winged Nut :) (Posted on 3/21/12)
I recomend Bike Berry to any vary Review by Adalberto Ramos
I recomend Bike Berry to any vary, I ready buy 2 motors, 1 Bike and spare parts, but also I hav the best help for this people, thank again for yuor service. I no think I order nothing for other company. Thanl Bike Berry. A.Ramos (Posted on 3/21/12)
I loved the way this kit went together. Review by ANTHONY HICKS
I loved the way this kit went together. it,s easy to build, beautiul to look at, and it runs perfectly. you include all that is needed too. this is my third kit the other two were notany way as easy to build. each from a diferent company. yours is by far the best. as soon as this one is sold i'll be ordering more. Great product and perfect instructions!!! (Posted on 3/21/12)
I just got my new motor today 6-4-10. Review by jamie mcdonald
I just got my new motor today 6-4-10. I like how it was all packed in. I open it up started looking at all the parts and i was in shocked this is my 2 motor kit and this one is so much better built then one i got at gasbike.net.. i will not got to that site anymore. only thing bad was the intake pipe was sligtly to large for the carb. lucky i had one that was a bit smaller just had to make a new carb gasket the engine is running really good and this is the best kit i ever found it was also cheaper then the first one i bought and it was a 48cc kit give it 4 rating cause of the intake pipe issue (Posted on 3/21/12)
I ordered this product, and it took roughly 7 days to get to me. Review by Paul Schewene
I ordered this product, and it took roughly 7 days to get to me.

Overall, it's not bad at all, and BikeBerry's service was right on the target.

Just so there's no mistake, this is truly a do-it-yourself kit engine. Some of the parts are 'not' well 'finished', meaning you may have to do some minor filing and so forth, to get them ready for prime time... and this engine is NOT just a 'plug and play' item.

You really have to pay attention to detail and install it right. The installation instructions are 'decent', but that said... they are NOT completely clear in places... so you have to have your thinking cap on, and THINK about what you're doing when you install this bugger.

Since I got it running, it's done well. I'm still breaking it in, so I haven't gone to full speed with it yet, per manufacturer recommendations. That said... it does NOT turn a bicycle into a moped or motorcycle... it turns it into a BICYCLE with a little helper motor on it... so SPEED is NOT my concern.

You have to watch the parts, especially the clutch handle and housing... because it's made of pot metal and IS subject to breaking easily if you put too much stress on it, trying to force it onto a powder-coated handlebar like I did.

THAT said, the engine has completely lived up to my expectations and needs. It shaves about 10 minutes off of my normal bike commute time (which was 40 minutes and it's now down to 30 minutes, depending on traffic lights/traffic). And more to the point, my legs aren't spent from pedaling uphill, since the engine does that work for me.

This do-it-yourself kit IS a winner, for what it was made for, and I'm completely satisfied.

Only suggestions for improvement I have... are to get an after-market brake lever that lets you actuate BOTH brakes by pulling the handle... (This lets you pull the clutch with your left hand and actuate ALL of your brakes with the right hand... as opposed to just pulling clutch with the left and only using your rear brake with the right hand.

Including a head/tail-light kit that WORKS with the engine would be a great thing too, since most jurisdictions require a head and tail-light at night, and some even require them all the time.

Including a chain-break tool in the kit that's made for the stock chain, would also make assembly easier.

Otherwise... it's a good kit and those suggestions I've made, are just minor ideas that came to my mind during the build process. (Posted on 3/21/12)
I strongly recomend them for any bicycle motor parts Review by Gabriel Salcido
Bikeberry was very professional in getting my order taken care of. I strongly recomend them for any bicycle motor parts and accesories (Posted on 3/21/12)

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Q: I was wondering if the black 66cc flying horse and silver 66cc flying horse have anything different besides color... Because the head looks like its a different shape and size... thanks much

Posted On: 7/24/14 By: cole

A: Thank you for contacting us here at BikeBerry.com with your very popular question! In regards to the Flying horse two stroke motors, the differences will only be the color; the Mega Motor engines are different by the lesser quality internal components compared to our better quality Flying horse motors. As far as the pictures are concerned since we are receiving new shipments of motors every few weeks it is hard for us to be able to keep taking new pictures of the kits, and the intended purpose of the photos are only to be used as a reference as to what can be expected in a motor kit, but the package includes list is on the product description page is going to tell you exactly what will be coming in your engine kit. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or concerns you may have, we work Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm PST, at 1.800.317.0479.
Q: I have a bike with 1in handle bars will the twist throttle and clutch handle fit over a 1in handle bar thanks

Posted On: 7/14/14 By: Matt

A: That is a wonderful question! Yes, typically a majority of the grips and clutch levers we get will work with a 1" handle bar, some shipments we have received smaller ones but not always, and unfortunately we can not guarantee since our Manufacturer likes to surprise us with new changes each shipment we get. If you are looking to place an order, feel free to give us a call before placing your order and ask us if we can give you the measurement on the current clutch lever and throttle grips that are coming in our engine kits. We work Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm PST, at 1.800.317.0479, we appreciate you contacting us here at BikeBerry.com with your questions!
Q: What's the best type of woman bicycle for one of your gas engine kits?

Posted On: 4/11/13 By: Melissa

A: Many men's 26" Beach Cruisers have worked well for our female riders when using their bicycles with gas powered engine kits. The height is typically just the right fit and allows for a comfortable seated position for the female rider.
Q: How fast do the bikes go and also can I buy a bike with engine and all ready to go?

Posted On: 4/10/13 By: joe

A: The maximum speed will depend upon the weight on your bicycle and your gear ratio. However, it is not uncommon for our engine kits to reach up to 45mph. At this time, we do not offer assembly and all of our engine kits come as a do-it-yourself project that would need to be completed once it was delivered. We do offer an instructional DVD as well as tech support to assist you with your build.

Have a question? Call 800-317-0479
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