The 5 Best Electric Mountain Bikes of 2021

Riding an electric mountain bike on a mountain trail.Mountain biking is a great way to go on an adventure, get some exercise, and breathe in fresh air. While riding a traditional mountain bike is awesome, there are a lot of benefits to riding an electric mountain bike, too.

With a mountain e-bike, you get more speed for less energy, more power to conquer big obstacles, and greater versatility for any terrain. If you’re thinking about making the switch but aren’t sure which electric bike is right for you, we’re here to help.

We’ve put together a list of the best mountain e-bikes and all of the features they have to offer, so you’re sure to find a perfect fit. We’ll also explain exactly what you should look for in an electric bike so you get the best ride for your needs.

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  1. Who Are Mountain E-Bikes Best For?
  2. What to Look for in an Electric Mountain Bike
  3. The Best Mountain E-Bikes
  4. If You’re Ready for an Adventure, a Mountain E-Bike Is Right for You
If you’re ready to make the jump to an electric bike, let’s go through the list of specs you should keep in mind when making your selection.

Who Are Mountain E-Bikes Best For?

Riding mountain e-bikes through a dirt trail.Typically, mountain bikes are designed for folks who want to ride up mountain trails, take on dirt paths, and tackle off-road obstacles. Mountain e-bikes are designed for those same challenges, but they offer incredible versatility.
  • Climbing Steep Hills — Mountain e-bikes feature powerful torque to get you up the steepest inclines with no issues. This makes intense hill-climbing easier on you. If you still want a workout, electric bikes feature multiple levels of pedal assist so you can challenge yourself as much or as little as you want.
  • Off-Roading — Due to their torque and specially designed tires, mountain e-bikes are great for tricky off-road obstacles courses and trails.
  • Riding Though Rocky Terrain — Most electric mountain bikes feature wide, ridged fat tires. This makes them suited for climbing rough, rocky terrain. And because their tires are so sturdy, you can take on any mountain path without worrying about getting a flat.
  • Commuting — All of their great features aside, mountain e-bikes also make good commuters. You’ll be able to get anywhere you want with a bit of pedal assist and solid power. Not to mention, if you ride through streets that are under construction or littered with debris, you won’t need to worry about getting a flat on the road.

What to Look for in an Electric Mountain Bike

Climbing off-road inclines on an electric mountain bike.You already know why you want an electric mountain bike. You’re either looking for something to go off-roading, trail-climbing, or commuting with. Maybe you want an e-bike to do all three of those things. Next, it’s best to know how electric bikes work and what features they offer.

Mountain E-Bike Watts, Volts, Amps

Lithium ion battery for electric mountain bike.E-bikes run off a battery and electric motor. Depending on the wattage, voltage, and amperage, you’ll get different levels of speed, power, and torque.
  • Watts: Wattage measures the power produced by an e-bike’s motor. More wattage means more speed and torque, which is great for mountain biking.
  • Volts: Voltage is the amount of power an e-bike motor can handle and is tied to an e-bike’s wattage. You’ll need an e-bike with the proper voltage if you want it to reach its full wattage potential.
  • Amps: Amperage measures the energy of your mountain e-bike’s battery. More energy is stored at higher amperage levels, which means you’ll have a better, longer-lasting charge.

Rear Hub Drive vs. Mid Drive

Bafang rear hub electric bike motor. Bafang rear hub e-bike motor.
A mountain e-bike’s motor is typically installed in its rear wheel or in the center where the pedals are. There are advantages to both rear hub drive and mid drive motors to keep in mind when purchasing an electric mountain bike.
  • Rear Hub — With a rear hub, you get a lot of torque. This is perfect if you’re going to be climbing up steep inclines. You’re also going to want high amounts of torque if you want to power through tough off-road terrain, too. No challenge is too difficult for an e-bike with a rear hub.
  • Mid Drive — With a mid drive motor, you get a little less torque than a rear hub, but significantly more than you’d get with a front hub. In addition, because you’re not being pushed from the rear like you do with a rear hub, mid drive motors offer more maneuverability.

The Best Mountain E-Bikes

Now that you've got a good understanding of what makes a good electric bike, it's time to check out the best mountain e-bikes. Here's our list of the best electric mountain bikes, which should help narrow down your choices to the absolute best ride for you!

Editor’s Choice: QuietKat 750W Jeep Electric Mountain Bicycle

QuietKat Jeep 750w Electric Mountain Bicycle for off-roading.If you’re looking for a bike that packs a punch in power and versatility0, the QuietKat 750W Jeep Electric Mountain Bicycle is definitely one you’ll want to check out. This electric mountain bike is fitted with a 750W motor mid drive motor that provides plenty of power and torque for any mountain trail.

The QuietKat Jeep Electric Mountain Bicycle has a peak wattage output of 1500w, with a maximum torque of 160nm. Plus, the 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes give you maximum control and stopping power, even on the steepest and hardest to navigate inclines.

The fat 26in x 4in fat tires come in handy when you’re off-roading too, offering the best traction for any terrain. You also get good mileage with the QuietKat Jeep mountain e-bike. The 48v 14.5Ah battery lets you travel up to 50 miles per charge — and even more if you pedal along with the bike! That makes this fusion of QuietKat and Jeep great for adventures off the beaten path as well as daily commutes.

Electric Mountain Bike Specs

  • Wattage: 750w
  • Battery: 48v 14.5Ah lithium ion
  • Motor: Mid drive
  • Top Speed: 30 MPH
  • Range: 50 miles

Our Price: $5,899.00 | Click Here to Buy This Electric Mountain Bike

Best EMTB For Extreme Terrain: Rambo 750W Roamer Electric Bike

Camo Roamer 750w mountain e-bike for off-roading and mountain biking.The Rambo 750W Roamer Electric Bike is a great option for riding on any terrain and challenging road conditions, from the beach to the backwoods. This electric mountain bike provides safety and comfort for whatever condition you’re going to be riding through.

The front and rear Logan HD-E500 2 Piston Hydraulic 180mm Brakes provide maximum stopping power for a quick, safe stop even on steep hills. On top of that, the deeply cushioned Justec saddle provides a ton of comfort, even on long rides and bumpy roads.

The 6061 aluminum alloy frame is also a bonus, as it’s able to withstand jerks and shocks despite being fairly lightweight. And the Kenda Krusade Anti-Puncture 26in x 4in tires provide great traction and protection even on the sharpest, rockiest terrain.

Electric Mountain Bike Specs

  • Wattage: 750w
  • Battery: LG 48v 10.4Ah lithium ion
  • Motor: Mid drive
  • Top Speed: 30 MPH
  • Range: 35 miles

Our Price: $3,299.99 | Click Here to Buy This Electric Mountain Bike

Best EMTB For Intense Hill-Climbing: Emojo Wildcat Pro 500W Aluminum Mountain Electric Bike

Emojo 500w Wildcat Pro mountain electric bike for off-road and mountain biking.The Emojo Wildcat Pro 500W Aluminum Mountain Electric Bike is an excellent choice for adventuring through hilly paths. Complete with front and rear Tektro disc brakes, you’ll be able to come to immediate stops whether you’re going uphill or traveling down a steep incline.

In addition, the Shimano 7-speed transmission lets you get as much or as little assistance while climbing hilly mountain paths. This mountain e-bike’s rear hub motor gives you the ultimate torque boost, pushing you up any road regardless of how steep or tricky it may be.

So whether it’s a standard dirt road or a bumpy path with loose gravel, you’ll have the control and power you need to take the challenge with no problems.

Electric Mountain Bike Specs

  • Wattage: 500w
  • Battery: 48v 10.4Ah lithium ion
  • Motor: Rear hub
  • Top Speed: 28 MPH
  • Range: 25 miles

Our Price: $1,549.00 | Click Here to Buy This Electric Mountain Bike

Best EMTB For Rough Mountain Trails: X-Treme 500W Rocky Road Fat Tire Mountain Electric Bike

X-Treme Rocky Road 500w mountain e-bike with fat tires.When it comes to riding on rough mountain roads, the X-Treme 500W Rocky Road Fat Tire Mountain Electric Bike is a perfect combination of power, safety, and comfort.

The 500W Bafang rear hub motor includes a digital torque sensor that emphasizes speed and range. It’s paired with the LiPo4 48 volt 10.4 amp hour battery pack, so you’ll be able to travel up to 70 miles per charge with tons of speed, even on steep mountain roads. That means you’ll be able to go far on virtually any type of path.

Thanks to the 26in x 4in Kenda fat tires, this bike can also ride smoothly on practically any terrain — even sand or snow. And the VELO hand grips and seat will make sure you’re comfortable the whole way regardless of any bumps along the way.

Electric Mountain Bike Specs

  • Wattage: 500w
  • Battery: 48v 10.4Ah LiPo4 lithium ion
  • Motor: Rear hub
  • Top Speed: 28 MPH
  • Range: 70 miles (using low PAS)

Our Price: $1,797.00 | Click Here to Buy This Electric Mountain Bike

Most Convenient EMTB: Olic 250W LMB-26 Leopard Mountain Fold Electric Bike

Olic LMB 250w and 350w Leopard Folding Mountain Electric Bike for off-road and mountain riding.Sometimes your favorite biking destination takes a bit of driving to get to. If you’re looking for an e-bike that you can easily take on the go, look no further than the Olic 250W LMB-26 Leopard Mountain Fold Electric Bike.

This folding electric bike is perfect for packing into the back of your car so that you’re ready to ride at a moment’s notice. The foldable frame is easily collapsed so that it can fit even with limited space, whether it’s in your own car’s trunk or backseat, or public transit.

In addition, the lithium ion battery is lightweight so that you don’t have to worry about lugging around a heavy e-bike. Portability aside, this folding mountain e-bike is also highly functional. It features a 21-speed gearing system that will allow you to accommodate to whatever terrain you’re adventuring through. Not to mention, at $1,199, this Olic mountain e-bike is the most affordable option on this list!

Electric Mountain Bike Specs

  • Wattage: 250w
  • Battery: 36v 8Ah lithium ion
  • Motor: Mid drive
  • Top Speed: 20 MPH
  • Range: 55 miles

Our Price: $1,199.00 | Click Here to Buy This Electric Mountain Bike

If You’re Ready for an Adventure, a Mountain E-Bike Is Right for You

Off-roading with an electric mountain bike.Making the switch from a regular mountain bike to an electric mountain bike is exciting. As you can see, though, there’s a lot to keep in mind as far as what kind of bike you’re looking for.

Not to mention all the available options to choose from. Ultimately, your mountain e-bike should suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for maximum comfort, versatility, or convenience, there’s an electric mountain bike out there that’s perfect for you.

With the information in this article, as well as our suggestions, we hope you’re able to find the best mountain e-bike to take on your next adventure.

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