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Electric Bike Rattan Pathfinder BlackElectric Bike Rattan Pathfinder Grey
Electric Bike Rattan Challenger GreyElectric Bike Rattan Challenger Green
Electric Bike Rattan Compass GreyElectric Bike Rattan Compass Black
Electric Bike Rattan LF BlackRattan 750W LF Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike
Electric Bike Rattan LF MINI BlackElectric Bike Rattan LF MINI Red


As a professional Electric bicycle manufacturer, Rattan always knows what is best for you. We have been in the Electric bicycle manufacturing industry for over 10 years. We keep seeking the best solutions to combine the most affordable price with the best quality and riding experiences. Right now, we have three product lines, Challenger, LM and LF that gained a great reputation among our customers all over the world. We are looking forward to bring the charm and convenience of E-bike to more and more people.

We believe the electric era is an inevitable trend, and this era is coming. Join us for a much powerful, energy-saving, and exciting riding with Rattan!