48cc BBR Tuning Bicycle Engine Kit- 2 Stroke


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Cliff Johnson
Happy so far.

So far good motor. Only issue when I opened the box was the fuel filter was broken. Not the end of the world. Had a couple issues installing the engine on my bike but they were self inflicted. Overall very happy with my purchase so far.

William McLemore

I'm an experienced "shade tree" mechanic. The metals used in this kit as well as the machining and fit are obviously top quality. The paint job resembles a nice car. Also obvious quality. The video available is short and to the point. It tells you the tools needed and breaks install down to simple steps. The Customer Service crew is very helpful. All in all Happy Camper here.

Thomas Keuling

48cc 2 stroke engine kit. It had all the parts, no instructions came with the kit. Found out later could watch a video on how to assembly. Arrived with a damaged fuel tank which BikeBerry replaced with no problems. Not much else to say, it propels the bike very well on level road surfaces, need to use peddle to make it up most of the hills around here.

Bike Berry

The price was affordable for the quality of the product. The motor arrived fast. It was easy to install. Customer service was awesome. All the YouTube tutorials were helpful. It was all over a very great experience and I would defiantly buy from this company again.


Great kit little qwarks This is my second bicicle engine kit and I have a couple things to say . Over all the kit is vary good for the price but there is some things I'd like to address pros first I like the new grip design and the new nuts with bottoms on the thing that holds the sprocket and I like it is chrome unlike the first with a dull finish also the cast iron or steel idk know for the kons the spark plug socket is not vary good quality and my sprocket removal tool is not flat which can damage the surface the carbonator sat agenst the frame on my old bike the carb sighs are Japanese so someone would not know choke the chain is not vary good quality the master link broke on my chains so I bough another master linkand it broke so I bought new chain and links and that fixed it that was about a two month situation the pull was warm anoying to get fired if you have a fender you haft to cut a peace out for the chain I do not like the new tank design but my old one leaked this feels like a better seal you will need to most likely to modify the chain Gard my old exhausted welds where vary clean my new one welds don't look good the gas hose will go bad in a year and you will need to replace it when that happens when it was cold it was harder to start but I had just biult the bike overall with all I just said I still think this is a great bike kit I hope we could contact me so we could improve on the bike engine kit

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