48cc BBR Tuning Bicycle Engine Kit- 2 Stroke


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Color: Silver
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Gasoline operated products are NOT compliant with Environmental Protection Agency ( E.P.A. ) or California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B) for the use on/off Public roads. Upon purchase, the buyer agrees to use products for racing (closed-course competition) only and NOT for on/off public roads.

The BBR Tuning Angle Fire 48cc engine kit is the performance enhanced 48cc engine kit. This engine kit is enhanced with a angle head plug which creates a higher compression, which in turn produces more power!

This kit comes with every thing that you'll need to convert bicycle into a motorized bike. You will still be able to pedal the bike and ride like normal or start the engine by releasing the clutch lever. There's no rope pulling needed. You can stop or start the engine as you ride. Don't be fooled by other retailers, selling outdated, old generation engines! All of our engines feature the latest updates, including high quality Japanese ball bearings. Older generation engines use cheap bushings that do not last! We make certain that all of our manufactures abide by strict quality control assurance measures and use the highest quality material so that we can make certain that all of our customers get only the best!

** Please note: Sprocket Clamp Assemblies included with BBR Tuning 2-Stroke 48cc and 66/80cc, and 4-Stroke 49cc bike engine kits come with only 1x set of metal plates. Older production of these assemblies included 2x sets, but from testing and redesigning, existing engine kits and engine kits in the future will only require 1x set. This redesigned assembly helps secure your rear wheel sprocket better than in previous production.

With these strict quality assurance measures, we are able to offer a industry leading 6 month warranty!

1.95 - 2.2 HP (horse power)

20 to 30 mph depending on the gear ratio and weight.

MPG 100-150 miles per gallon

Independent drive sprocket and chain does not interfere with your current drive chain and peddling

Product Dimensions

48cc engine kit is about 8.5" height 7" length 5" width. Kit fits on standard 25mm to 29mm frame tube. Larger frame size requires drilling into bike frame and use the universal faceplate. Ensure a proper fit by reviewing the minimum dimension requirements diagram on the right.

Product Requirements

For installing this kit buyer may need some basic hardware skills, tools, and take around 2-3 hours to install and do some adjustments. Seller is not responsible for misuse of this kit or any warranty after installation.

*Note* CNS Carburetor upgrades will require extra material to fit flush around the manifold. This can be remedied by wrapping the manifold with electric tape or using PVC to fill in the gap between the carburetor port and the manifold.

Complete Digital Installation Guide

Each BBR Tuning bicycle engine kit comes with a digital installation guide that takes you step by step through installing, adjusting, and fueling your brand new engine kit for the ride of your life.


Industry Leading 6 Month Warranty against manufacture defects. We cannot warranty issues caused by user neglect or improper use of engine.


Package includes *(Products pictured may come in different colors but does not hinder performance.)

1. BBR Tuning Angle Head 48cc 2-Stroke

2. Low Profile Carburetor

3. Upgraded Hush Muffler

4. Clutch Cable

5. Drive Chain Idler

6. High Quality Japanese Main Bearings

7. 415 Bike Chain

8. Upgraded Chain Tension Guide with Bearing Wheel

9. Chain Guard

10. Spark Plug

11. CD Ignition Coil

12. Upgraded Alloy Push Clutch Lever (Extended Leverage)

13. Upgraded Twist Throttle and cable with matching grip

14. Black Teardrop Gas Tank (1.5L)

15. Fuel Line

16. Throttle Cable

17. Clutch Cable

18. Gasoline Tank Switch

19. Sprocket Clamp Assembly

20. Sprocket Clamp Bolts

21. Large Spring (Heat Shield Spring)

22. Extension Spring (Recoil Spring)

23. High Quality Bearings on Both Ends Crank

24. 44 Tooth Chrome Sprocket with 9 Holes

25. Magneto

26. Kill Switch

27. Bonus: Spark Plug Removal Tool (While Supplies Last!)

28. All the Needed Mounting Brackets, Gaskets, and Hardware

29. Complete Digital Installation Guide

30. Bonus: Fuel Filter

31. Bonus: Standard Universal Mount

Fits Most 26" Wheel Bikes (Mountain, Cruiser, Chopper, Road) with V-frame.

Disclaimer: Operating this motorized bicycle and bicycle engine kit involved some risk of serious bodily injury. Buyer accepts responsibility for any and all vehicle operation that may lead to personal injury, economic loss, social distress, other losses, costs and damages. Seller is not responsible for injuries and/or damages resulting from operating this motorized bicycle or bicycle engine kit. Upon purchase, the buyer agrees to use products for racing (closed-course competition) only and not for on/off public roads.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Gregory Hanson

I run 32:1 it does well. I have the large down pipe expansion chamber . It makes a big difference from the stock exhaust.

kinxs the furry
very good engine bad tensioner

i got the engine in a week ago, and it runs great, if you are riding in the cold PLEASE put a shield in front of the engine to keep it warm, the engine doesn't put off too much heat so it cools down too much in the cold. also the chain tensioner bent because of how much compression there is, which is good in a sense but i need to buy a new tensioner now, im a slightly experienced mechanic and i can say that the engine was pretty straightforward to put together and is also made very well. all in all, great buy

Cliff Johnson
Happy so far.

So far good motor. Only issue when I opened the box was the fuel filter was broken. Not the end of the world. Had a couple issues installing the engine on my bike but they were self inflicted. Overall very happy with my purchase so far.

William McLemore

I'm an experienced "shade tree" mechanic. The metals used in this kit as well as the machining and fit are obviously top quality. The paint job resembles a nice car. Also obvious quality. The video available is short and to the point. It tells you the tools needed and breaks install down to simple steps. The Customer Service crew is very helpful. All in all Happy Camper here.

Thomas Keuling

48cc 2 stroke engine kit. It had all the parts, no instructions came with the kit. Found out later could watch a video on how to assembly. Arrived with a damaged fuel tank which BikeBerry replaced with no problems. Not much else to say, it propels the bike very well on level road surfaces, need to use peddle to make it up most of the hills around here.

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