BBR Tuning Fine Tuning Carburetor Jets 5 Pack .66mm .67mm .68mm .69mm .70mm

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Tired of your engine bogging down when you ride? If everything on your motor's in pristine condition but you just can't get your engine to run the way it should, chances are you need to upgrade your carburetor's jetting. With this set of BBR Tuning Fine Turning Carburetor Jets you'll be able to finally get that engine to run the way it's supposed to.

This package includes a set of 5x 5mm threaded carburetor fuel jets designed to allow more or less fuel and air in to your engine. Compatible with Speed, and High Performance carburetors like the SHA 15/15 and RuTong carburetor, if you need your engine to run the right way swap out your fuel jet and see your performance increase.

Recommended Use

These jets are designed for your average rider at level altitudes and warmer temperatures that require an even fuel mixture. This set of jets will allow your engine to run around the same temperature as your stock jets.

Package Includes

This set of jets will include one jet from each of the following sizes: .66mm, .67mm, .68mm, .69mm, .70mm

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Customer Reviews

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Chucks motorized bikes
What you need to tube your dellorto clone 15/15

I want to see jet size! I street with the 70. Now I can go down if needed.
If you need to upjet, you'll need the next up kit.
BB Switz Cruz, whiting 100 stage 4 80 kit

John Patterson
Nice to have.

I like how these step down/up in single increments and are clearly marked, removing the guessing of wich witch is wich :)

Marc Schmidt

I mean it's a 5pk of main jets you can't really screw that up! The price is right! N yes I'll probably need to buy more at some point

Jetting for "The Bike"

Purchase was smooth and easy, fast shipping, A+ transaction.
Got bike for $100 from someone who couldn't get sprockets lined up properly& did my 1st build. Drilled out the muffler so needed to jet the carb accordingly. Original jet size is unmarked but was too rich & 4 stroking. The 68 jet gives the best all speed performance with minimal 4 stroking at WOT at my elevation of 386'.
Check out the before & finished pics, tried to use as much of the stuff on it but upgraded to hub drive with 48 tooth rear sprocket for better pull on hills. Dual pull brake lever & upgraded motor mounts to get proper placement in the Schwinn frame.

Danny Rouse
Run right

With a carb that has no tuning screws these jets are a necessary item

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