BBR Tuning HEAVY DUTY 12 Gauge 26 Inch x 1.25 Inch Rim Set

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Color: Silver
Rear Wheel Hub Type: Coaster Brake
Brake Compatibility: Disc Brake Ready
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Our 26" x 1.25" 12 gauge 36 spoke heavy duty wheel set is a strong wheel set that will hold more weight than ever before. Perfect for your next motorized bike build, this durable wheel set accepts standard 26" wheel brakes, such as the Sunlite 26" Brake Set.


Fits tire sizes 26" x 1.25" to 26" x 2.25"

Size: 26" x 1.25"

Spoke Size: 12 Gauge

Rim Color Options: Silver or Black

Hub Type Options: Coaster Brake or Freewheel

Brake Compatibility Options: Disc Brake Ready or Non-Disc Brake Ready

Freewheel Disc Brake Ready Rims do NOT include freewheel sprocket

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Josh Butterfield
Cool set of rims

Cool set of rims thank you bikeberry

Matthew Petkovich
Great budget rims. Would recommend

I would love to see rims shipped with some material between them since mine showed up with little scratches and very minor dents as they were able to move around and beat each other up in shipping. The damage is invisible from a step-back's distance, but I know it is there, and that's enough for me to be a little annoyed. They're great budget rims, and look quite nice, I'd just like some more attention to detail in bikeberry's packing process.

christopher c.
Good wheels

Sturdy for the price and my only complaint is they could’ve been put in a smaller box as they rattled around and got scraped a tiny bit. Build quality though is good and I like the style of them compared to my old mags.

William Colmer

Don't know why I waited so long to get these.

John Munoz

Bought for someone else

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