Coastal Cruiser 750W Escape Moped Style Electric Bike

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Are you looking for a beach cruiser bike that fits the best for your daily commute and weekend adventure rides? Then, we have the Coastal Cruiser 750W Escape Moped Style Electric Bike as the perfect solution. It has an LCD screen equipped on the handlebar that shows the vitals of riding, like battery percentage. 

  • Samsung Lithium-ion Battery: The amazing Escape electric bike is equipped with a 48V Samsung Lithium-ion battery with a long run life. Thus, you can go on long rides without bothering about the battery going down. 
  • USB Port: Have no charge on your phone? Worry not! The Escape Coastal Cruiser 750W Electric Bike has a USB port that you can use to charge your phone on the go. 
  • Dual Suspension: Go on rough terrains or sandy slopes; the dual suspension in these electric bikes provides great control and comfort during your riding. In addition, experience better traction with a hydraulic lockout system. 
  • LCD Display: The bike's handlebar is equipped with different features, and one of them is the LCD. It displays all the performance vitals like speed, distance, battery percentage, headlight sign, etc. 

The Coastal Cruiser 750W Escape Moped Style Electric Bike is an amazing fr for your daily commute up and down the workplace and the weekend rides. The fat Kenda tires with treads help in a smooth ride on sandy, sloppy, slippery, or rough terrains. In addition, the bigger diameter of the tires allows you to ride through patchy terrains without losing control of the bike. 

Moreover, it is equipped with front and rear racks to carry your belongings wherever you go without any space issues. The racks are solid and have a good base to keep bottles, tiffin boxes, and even your small stuff like headphones. For people who enjoy night riding, this electric bike is a blessing. It comes with a front LED headlight placed at the center of the handlebar. In addition, it has a rear light that blinks at night, so other riders and drivers on the road know about your presence from far away. 

Furthermore, It is equipped with a 48V lithium-ion battery with a long life. It is placed in the center of the bike and securely placed inside a box to save it from getting damaged because of any external factors. In addition, the battery is removable so that you can charge it at your convenience. 

It is equipped with a brushless 750W gear hub motor that offers strong torque at your disposal. You can ride through any terrain with a powerful motor. In addition, the bike has a pedal-assist system. You can set pedal assistant level on the LCD screen and reduce your physical strength application in difficult terrains. 


  • Model No./SKU: EB-CC-ESCAPE

  • Battery: Samsung Lithium-ion 48V 14AH 

  • Motor: 750W Brushless GEar Hub Motor

  • LCD Display: Yes

  • Pedal Assist Level: Yes

  • USB: Yes

  • Suspension: Dual

  • Tire: 20’x4’ Kenda Fat Tires

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