ModWheel 36v 500w Geared Front Wheel Electric Bike Kit

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Jeff Smith
just wonderful

Installation on my Treck 18 speed required the bikeshop or specialized tools to install the crank censor, otherwise Installation was easy for my moderate skills.

After multiple rides of 20 mile mountain dirt roads, 20 mile city streets and 50 mile paved backroad touring the bottom line is that this is magic. The $800 kit enables me to be at 63 years old, 50% better than I ever was in my prime.

Just order the kit is my best advice.

[ technical critiques: coming from an industrial safety background; there is an absence of safety interlocks on this early immature technology. You can bump the throttle switch and watch the bike take off and crash without you.

My throttle control sticks a bit so the throttle and brake cut-out fight it out at stop lights, a potentially fatal situation for children and unexperienced riders.

My physical amps run out on hills when only peddling, requiring the throttle assist for over 50% of the units power.
Doubling the sensor magnets may solve this power vacuum.

Peddeling backwards fools the magnetic monitor into delivering full power yea-ha!
said the snail riding the turtle.
However this too presents a potential safety risk to those unprepared for the (burst 🤣) of power.

again, these are technical critiques intended to help mature the technology and help people stay safe. They are not intended to diminish this wonderful product. ]

Terry Vallot

The battery is a little small it is very expensive at $700 there is no instructions I don't know how to unlock my power assist

Aleksandar Radosavljevic

I am very satisfied with the E bike wheel but bike has the worst customer service ever. They will not answer the phone due The situation which I don’t see how it has anything to do with answering the phone, and I cannot get the info on how to program the wheel they told me to contact them by email but they do not answer emails either! Very disappointed with Mike Barry but the product is good.

tommy adkins

great kit It's very easy to install. Having a great time on my morning rides especially on hills. Very smooth acceleration.

ebike enthusiast

AWESOME TOP SPEED!!! Reaching a top speed of 20 MPH!!! It is indeed functioning as advertised. I am very well pleased with my kit.

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