Emojo 500W Lynx Fat Tire Electric Bike

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The E-Mojo 500W Lynx Fat Tire Electric bike utilizes a 500W brushless motor that is highly efficient and has a lower susceptibility to mechanical wear. The higher weight to torque ratio makes the bike highly efficient. The bike offers reliability and has lower maintenance requirements. With the 4” Kenda fat tires, the bike can comfortably cruise through sandy beaches, snowy roads, muddy terrains, and rocky roads.

  • All-Terrain Fat Tires: The fat tires offer more contact surface with the ground, so your bike achieves better balance on challenging terrains.

  • Powerful Braking System: The front and the rear tires are equipped with disc brakes that allow precise braking and ensure complete safety.

  • Lithium-ion Battery: The batteries are highly energy-efficient as these promise high-energy density and have a very low discharge rate.

  • Foldable: You can change the dimension of the bike from 67” L x 24” W x 45” H to 39” L x 18” W x 26” H, so it becomes easier for you to carry it anywhere even when you have minimal space.

The E-Mojo 500W Lynx Fat Tire Electric Bike has been outfitted with a 500-watt brushless hub motor that promises impressive performance. To give you complete control over the bike speed, it has been equipped with a thumb throttle control option using which you provide immediate acceleration to the bike.

Also, with the thumb throttle feature, the speed of the bike can be maintained for a specific time. Pedaling for long distances is not recommended to those with health issues; therefore thumb throttle feature is perfect for those people. If you do not want to use the throttle push button, then you also get the pedal-assist option.

The diameter of the Lynx tires is 20”, the smaller sized wheels are typically more reliable, and it also helps improve the maneuverability of this e-bike. These wheels are fitted with 4” Kenda all-terrain fat tires that can cruise across any terrain, whether it is a sandy beach, dirt trails in the woods, or snowy roads. The 4” Kenda fat tires ensure superior traction under all weather conditions. The wide contact surface of the fat tires provides proper balance on the road.

Your bike gets an instant boost with the Bafang motor. The excellent level of torque provides quick boost and power summit steep hill climbs. The bike withdraws power from a 36-volt lithium-ion battery that ensures a well-balanced and stable ride.

You can enjoy riding at the maximum speed without worrying about your safety as the dual disc brakes TEKTRO offer enhanced stopping power even in challenging weather conditions.


  • SKU/Model No.: EB-LYNX

  • Motor: 500 watt DC brushless motor

  • Distance: 30 miles

  • BatteryChargingTime: 4 - 6 hours

  • Battery: Lithium-ion 36V/10.4AH

  • Dimensions: 67” L x 24” W x 45” H

  • DimensionsFolded: 39” L x 18” W x 26” H

  • Frame: Steel alloy - rigid

  • Max. UserWeight: 230 lbs

  • Weight: 55 lbs (with battery)

  • Transmission: Shimano 7-speed

  • Brakes: TEKTRO front and rear disc brakes

  • Tires: 4.0” R 20 Kenda fat tires

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