ModWheel 36v 250w 26 Inch Geared Front Wheel Electric Bike Kit + Optional Battery

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Excellent value, ran for about 3.5 thousand miles over 4 years.

I bought this kit as my introduction to ebikes in 2016. I used it heavily for getting around and learned a lot in the over the years.

Foremost among those is that I think you should use it with a steel fork, I used an aluminum one and the dropouts were bent and rendered unsafe. I chose to use a Surly Big Dummy fork and still have it despite parting out the rest of the bike. I also added a torque arm for good measure.

Additionally, brakes are as important as the motor so don't neglect ot cheap out on them. The spokes of the motor wheel will all shift and loosen them over time, so be sure they get checked every few months.

In the end, the motor started making a knocking noise and died a few weeks later. My two battery packs were also seriously showing their age and were under performing.

Thousands of miles and a few dozen learning experiences prepared me to build another bike from the frame up. I chose a mid drive but still respect the place of hub motors. For beginners or more casual users they are a fine choice, easy to install and maintain.


great kit! Very Good Kit it is packed with everything i needed and i love love love the Speedometer that it comes with. I can ride this down the street to my local park and come back with enough battery it makes going to the store so much easier for me as well i save so much gas because of this kit.


High Quality You can not beat the price on this because it includes the battery and everything else. The parts are very high quality and i have not ran into any issues i bought one for my wife and i and we ride these along the beach lines.


must have Amazing!!! this is by far my favorite purchase online thus far.!! when i am tired after a long day of work this motor gets me home in no time without even having to touch my pedals. I am looking to upgrade in the future but this is perfect for me right now.


2,000 miles and still going strong! Since our initial review about the GigaByke/Commuter Kit, we have logged over 2,000 miles on each of our two bikes.We ride a heavy, cast iron tandem bike 2-3 times per week, 20-25 miles each ride.I also ride my heavy sole bike roughly the same additional miles.Both bikes are what I would call disposables, but with the assist kits, we are out riding every week and exercise at a level most people in their early 70’s would get sore just thinking about.The best thing for us has been the ability to ride hills that were previously off limits.Both kits are working like new.Battery pack capacity has declined somewhat due to so many charge cycles.When new, the battery on the solo bike was good for roughly 35 miles.Now it’s good for about 27 miles or so.On the tandem, it’s down from 25 to about 21 miles.The batteries regularly get swapped between the two bikes, so their capacity/performance is roughly equal.As for performance, tandem or solo, the assist gives us a roughly 25% increase.On a 20 mile stretch of grinding hills without the assist, we averaged only 12mph.With the assist, we now do 25 miles in the same amount of time, 15+ mph.Solo, I jumped to 18+ mph on the same 25 mile path.The most fun we have is sneaking up alongside a serious rider on a high dollar bike grinding away up a long hill, especially when we do it on the tandem bike.By dropping down a couple of gears and riding without the assist, they don’t have a clue.What a shock when they see two old people on a cast iron bike that just caught up with them!

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