ModWheel 36v 500w Geared 7-Spd Rear Wheel Electric Bike Kit

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Richard Gonzales

After I sent back the wheel because it had no gears, I got the new one. It went on perfectly and works well, I’m a little concerned because my battery meter isn’t working and I haven’t contacted them yet to figure it out.


Satisfied Customer! Now I have extra power when I bike around off trail. On my first ride with this kit, we road about 12 miles and I did not break a sweat peddling.


very pleased All the parts arrived earlier than expected. These kit are compatible with my mountain bike, which I like because it's easier to use and bought it cheaper compared to other bike kits in the market. This is worth the price.

Stan the

Satisfied It was everything that they said it would be, easy installation. I have it on a schwinn tandem bike, and with two people too speed was about 28 this wheel, thank you


Great, but a lot of work I bought the kit already installed into a folding 20"" bike from a neighbor. It was used and it looks like he did a fair share of work and riding. He used it to commute for about a year. Excited to be mobile again with all my medical limitations, i splurged on a new seat, a front basket, a couple prs of gloves, a powerful led light, rear lights, a little mounted stereo, a bell and mirrors. I replaced the dinky kickstand with a moped one. I put reflective tape on and touched up the paint. I created a seat and foot rests for my kid after several expensive trials and errors. In short, i spent a lot of time learning, buying, searching, adjusting and working or repairing the bike. And it was worth it- it is fun as hell to ride with its power, especially uphill, all 240 of me and my 35# son, no problem. We even took it on the hilly off road trails and it didn't flinch. However there were a fair amount of setbacks. The brakes are horrific- and the bike repair man cannot figure out how to improve them. The horn does not work. The read out is broken and mounted backwards. The connectors are CONSTANTLY coming apart, like every day. Today, the throttle line male 5 prong connector BROKE. In the pitch black, 2 miles away down steep hills, while with my half asleep kid and a full picnic to carry up. Now im trying to find the parts to fix it... Again- and so far it looks like a complete nightmare.

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