ModWheel 48v 1000w Direct Drive Front Wheel Electric Bike Kit

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Arthur Sappington

lack of operational manuals


verry good kit like the power very good on hills will buy another kit when on sale i think very highly of kit Charles Skip Bradley

WheelChair man

Very good price I really need two,but if you let me pay payments .Than respond back and let start business Work with me, took me all of 30 mins to convert my bike into an electric bike. Great electric bike kit.


1000w system on trike I am a 74yr old man walking difficulties(no car) busses give limited mobility. I mounted the 1000w motor system on a Schwinn Trike. I live in a hilly town. The motor system carries me up most hills with little or no peddeling. Now I am able to go places I would not be able to go before.


Very Nice Kit...Has everything! I bought this kit on a Black Friday Deal, and was a bit unsure.I did a lot of research previous to purchasing this, but it was such a good deal, and the kit had everything I was looking for.I took a chance and got this, but I was pleasantly surprised.The tire that comes on the rim is very nice quality, and heavy duty.The spokes on the rim are HUGE, and very strong looking.Reminds me of my motorcycle's spokes.The battery has USB for charging a phone.It has an LED battery gauge, and a lighted power button too!The charger is very nice with heavy duty cords too.The display is a very nice touch too.I have had other electric bike kits in the past, but without any display.This display shows real time speed, distance, elapsed time, and battery level, as well as other information, and it does it with a very bright and visible back lit (Blue Indiglo) screen.The battery is very nice, the mount is really cool that it slides into, and it locks on.It comes with 2 keys.The controller is pretty big, and the controller bag I received with the kit seems like it was wrong (for a smaller style controller), I could not figure out how it was supposed to work.I managed to make it work, but I know it's not right, and had to modify it, and I will be replacing it with something else sometime soon, but for now I modified it and it works fine.I did not use the pedelc setup, I just used the thumb throttle, and I prefer this.It's pretty powerful, and gets going just fine.I always help and pedal with it, I never just throttle without pedaling.It goes very well, and of course goes a lot faster than you could go on a bike without a motor, and it's pretty quiet.It makes a little ""whirrrr"" sound, but nothing bad or obnoxious.Overall, it's very fun!I have taken it for a ride and did 14.8 miles before returning home, and it had One Bar of Power left on the controller, but had 2 or 3 bars left on the battery LED, so I am not sure how much farther I could have gone, but I imagine another mile or two at least.The area I ride in has lots of hills, and is not a flat area at all.You could no doubt go even farther in a flat area.I can't wait to use this kit some more, and to ride to work and back, which is why I got it, so after doing my work commute I will have to do an update, but so far I am loving this kit!!!

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