Monark Type 2 Dual Springer Motorized Bicycle Fork


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Color: Chrome
Style: Regular
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Want to add a bit of style and safety to your motorized bicycle? These Monark Type 2 Dual Springer Bicycle Forks are perfect for your next motorized bike and even non-motorized bicycle project. From the streets to the track, there’s nowhere these forks don’t look amazing. This fork has reinforced welding that's suitable for all 2-stroke engine and 4 stroke engine builds, as well as any HD show bike. The rockers are laser cut from 12g stainless steel, externally mounted, and ride on brass bushings for even smooth riding. These are also able to adapt to wider axles than standard 26” wheels offer. Its springs are a larger diameter and triple chromed, unlike smaller, nickel plated springs.
If you’ve been looking for the perfect forks to go with your motorized bicycle engine kit, the Monark Type 2 Dual Springer Forks will give you style, reliability, and performance for miles to come. The Monark Type 2 Dual Springer Bicycle Forks are being used for almost every kind of bike application, motorized, vintage, customs, cruisers, and more. We have decided to bring this very popular fork, which many call “the most beautiful bicycle fork ever built”, to a new level. The type two fork has considerable welding reinforcement, making it suitable for all motorized and HD applications. We are using thicker rockers, laser cut from 12 gauge stainless steel, which is mounted externally, and ride on brass bushings, for even smoother action. The rockers come mounted externally, for maximum width, and are able to accommodate the wider, newer axles. The springs are larger in diameter, they are triple chromed instead of just nickel plated like the smaller previous spring, they have much better action, and look much more appealing, complimenting the entire fork with their oversize. The basic fork also has added welding for more strength. We have improved the paint finish. The bottom rockers come mounted inside, which was standard for the original Monark fork, but can very easily be moved externally to accommodate the newer, wider axles. We are using nylon washers for reduced friction. We recommend Type 2 for all motorized bicycle applications.


Headset Size: 1 x 32.5 x 26.4

Adapter: Fits with a 1-inch threadless headset

Fork Tube Length: 7.5 “long, threaded 2” from the top

Wheel Requirement: Perfect for wheels up to 26”

Tire Requirements: Will accept up to 26 x 2.35" Tires

Total Fork Leg Length: 15” long from the bottom bearing race to the drop outs where the front wheel axle is.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeff Hart

I like the forks I had to save money to afford what I wanted but it is very much worth it. Many thanks.

William Lupton

Much better than the lightweight one I had and looks much better on my 1910 board track replica Ebike


Luv em These forks are bloody beautiful and would recommend them for any build...

rick olson

it can hurt ya good and bad do not i mean not use big tire on it will send ya over the handle bars no waring

Bret R.

Great fork... Cant use it Ordered this fork, along with the disc adapters. fits a non disc hub great, but at least with my disc hub, the bolts on the hub hit the pivot bolts on the fork. Won't be able to use it on my build, but will most likely sell it to my roommate, as it will work great on his 700c. Otherwise, great fork, for non-disc applications.

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