Olic 250/350W LMB-26 Leopard Mountain Fold Electric Bike


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Color: White
Motor: 250w
Sale price$1,999.99


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Mountain biking became more fun, and worthwhile with the Olic 250/350W LMB-26 Leopard mountain fold electric bike as it features a mid-drive motor couple with 21-speed gears for those adventure rides. The bike maintains a low and balanced power of gravity to give a stable riding experience despite the road bumps. With the thumb throttle and pedal-assist, you can travel farther while carrying 331 lbs of weight.

  • Thumb Throttle:You can propel the bike instantly and move it forward without the need to place much force on the pedals.

  • Efficient Battery:The lithium-ion batteries are super lightweight and give approximately 3 hours of riding and go up to a maximum range of 55 miles per charge.

  • Foldable Frame: The bike frame can be collapsed instantly and adjusted in place with limited space. You can carry the bike frame along to your favorite destination by mounting it at the back of your car, truck, or inside a public vehicle.

  • USB Charger: The bike frame comes with a cell-phone holder and a USB charger, so you feel connected no matter where you go.

The bike has been designed to provide an ultimate, comforting riding experience to the riders. With the inclusion of the pedal-assist program and class 2 thumb throttle, you can enhance the bike’s riding performance, go farther and travel better. When you are in no mood to pedal, engage, press the throttle button, propel the bike instantly, without pedaling. When the pedal-assist mode is activated, the bike’s motor provides power equivalent to the force you apply on the pedals.

The bike’s foldable frame is super easy to carry and store in a small space. You can carry it inside your car trunk or take it along in a public vehicle. The bike has been equipped with a mid-drive motor that provides proper balance to the bike and a low center of gravity no matter where you are riding

The bike can go up to a range of 55 miles with the conjunction of the lithium-ion battery and the powerful mid-drive motor. The lithium battery gives 3 hours of riding time per charge. However, the battery efficiency may vary according to the riding mode engaged and the riding terrain.

As the battery is fully portable, you do not need to charge the whole bike; instead, detach the battery set from the bike and carry it with you to charge it.

The bike comes with a built-in cell phone holder and a USB charger. You can carry your mobile phone along while riding and keep the low battery electronics charged with the USB charger to keep in touch with your friends throughout

The bike dimensions are 72” X 16’’ X 36’’ and uses a 21-speed gearing system which allows the bike to adjust according to the different environments super easily.


  • SKU/Model No.: EB-LMB2

  • Motor:250W/350W mid-drive moto

  • Battery:Lithium-ion movable, 36V/8A

  • Battery Charger: Include

  • Range 3 hours of riding (up to 55 miles

  • Net Weight:48Ibs

  • Colors:White; Yellow; Red; Silver & Blac

  • Wheels:26

  • Gears:21 Speed

  • Weight Capacity:331 Lbs

  • Extras: Built-in cell phone holder and USB charge

  • Net Weight: 52 Lbs

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