Olic 350W TCB-20 Tank City Fold Electric Bike


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Color: Camouflage Army Green
Battery: 48v/8AH
Sale price$1,799


The 350W TCB-20 Tank city electric bike will meet a variety of your needs, from riding during the weekends through the forests or taking around through the city, the bike knows it all. The bike has a foldable frame and can be carried anywhere at the back of your car or inside public transport through the city. The bike provides a range of up to 55 miles per charge.

  • Powerful Performance: The bike uses a 350-watt mid-drive motor and a 48-volt lithium-ion battery to take the bike through the trickiest terrains.

  • 20” X 4” Fat Tires: The bumps on the uneven path are muted down with the tires' large contact surface area with the ground. The thickness of the tires take care

  • Electric Assist: To enhance the bike’s performance engage the throttle mode, which lets you enjoy a free ride while providing full acceleration to the bike.

  • Cell Phone Holder with USB Charger: The bike has a built-in cell phone holder to take care of your electronics, and it comes with a charger so that you keep your low-power electronics charged throughout.

The Olic 350W electric bike is foldable and offers great maneuverability, allowing you to travel off-road while carrying huge loads of weight. You can easily collapse the bike in a fraction of minutes and carry it to your favorite destination. It can be stored in small spaces easily, and it is an excellent choice for the riders who want to take the bike for commute, off-roading during the weekends.

With the combination of a 48-volt lithium-ion battery and 350-watt mid-drive motor, the bike achieves plenty of power and endurance. The bike can go up to a range of 45-55 miles per charge, which means you can go around the city for 2-3 hours non-stop. The mid-drive motor drives power through the 6-speed gearing system, making the motor utilize gears for peak performance.

In conjunction with the pedal-assist mode, the throttle mode gives you the option to enhance the bike’s performance. You can enhance the bike's performance and maintain the bike's speed without worrying about putting any physical pressure. The throttle assist mode provides instant acceleration to the bike without the need to pedal hard. With the pedal-assist feature, you can signal the bike motor to provide electric output equivalent to the force you apply on the pedals.

The bike is super lightweight and weighs 5 lbs, making it portable and super-easy to lift. With a very low weight, the bike can carry weight up to 331 lbs. Stay connected to your loved ones during the ride as the bike comes with a USB holder, which helps you keep your low power electronics charged.


  • SKU/Model No.: EB-TCB20

  • Motor: 350W mid-drive motor

  • Battery: Lithium-ion movable, 48V/8AH or 10AH

  • Battery Charger: Included

  • Range: 2-3 hours of riding (up to 45-55 miles)

  • Net Weight: 55 Lbs.

  • Colors: Flat army green & flat orange

  • Wheels: 20” x 4” Fat Tire

  • Gears: 6 Speeds

  • Weight Capacity: 331 Lbs.

  • Extras: Built-in cell phone holder and USB charger

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