X-Treme 500W 48V Laguna Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle


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Looking for an electric bike that does not rust at all? Look no more; the Laguna Beach Cruiser electric bike is built with aluminum; every nut, bolt, nipple, and even the spikes are made from aluminum. As a result, this bike is 100% rust-free. The Shimano 9 gear welded bicycle is your go-to bike for your weekend adventures and beachy rides.

  • 48 Volt Lithium Powered: The 48-volt lithium-powered batteries present on this Laguna Beach cruiser are small in size and offer great stability.
  • USB Phone charging port: A USB Phone charging port is available on the Laguna Beach cruiser to ensure that the Phone is charged even if you forgot your adapter. 
  • 700C Front Suspension: A 700C front suspension is also available that absorbs the shock and makes sure that your riding experience is comfortable. 
  • Front and rear disk brake: You can ride quickly, even on rainy days, without slipping with the front and rear disc brake. 

The Laguna Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle runs on 48-volt lithium power batteries. These batteries are small in size and lightweight. It makes sure that your bicycle functions smoothly in the long run. In addition, these batteries are made from lithium, which is considered a non-hazardous waste.

This bicycle is also equipped with a high Torque Zero Resistance Clutch Motor and Digital Torque Sensor. The whole structure of the bicycle is made with aluminum that makes sure your Laguna Beach cruiser remains rust-free. This bicycle comes with a USB charging port to keep your cell phones charged while riding the bike. 

The 700 C front suspension helps your bike be under control. As a result, you will have safe and comfortable riding on a Laguna bicycle. This bike is also equipped with a front suspension that absorbs the bumps on the road. It makes sure that your body doesn’t face any discomfort. 

The Laguna Beach cruiser also has a front and rear disc brake. With this, you achieve a safe and faster riding experience. Also, during rainy days these disc brakes save you from tripping. Disc brakes also help in reducing the wear and tear of bicycle wheels. 

This bike has a King Meter 5 Speed Smart Power Assist System that helps you operate the bike efficiently. You can select the power consumption over the LCD provided to you with the Smart Power Assist System(SPAS). The maximum speed on which this bicycle can run is 70+ miles approx. The Laguna Beach Cruiser also comes with a folding basket that you can hang on the handlebars. 


  • SKU/Model No.: EB-XLAG

  • Front Suspension: 700 C

  • Braking System: Tektro disc brakes

  • Fenders: aluminum fenders

  • Throttle Type: Variable speed - SPAS Power Assisted - Pedal Power

  • LCD Display: King meter LCD smart PAS digital system with USB phone charging port

  • Basket: Lightweight  folding basket - hangs on handlebars or rear rack

  • Cargo Rack: Aluminum rear carry rack

  • Frame Type/Size: 6061-T6 temper aluminum alloy 

  • Forks: Suntour® 700C hydraulic front forks

  • Suspension: Front included

  • Front Sprocket: Aluminum alloy 

  • Derailleur: Shimano® 9-speed Atlus gears & shifter

  • Seat & Post: Aluminum alloy adjustable seat post & Velo beach cruiser bike seat

  • Quick Release: Front & rear wheels have quick-release axles - flip lever

  • Handlebars: Aluminum alloy mountain bike handlebars

  • Head Light: Yes, included as free accessory add on - Battery operated                                        snap-on LED (Not Covered under warranty)

  • Accessories: Drink holder on handlebars included

  • Bicycle Measurements: Max seat height = 38.5" inches/min 

                                         seat height = 32"                                  

                                         handlebar height = 37.75" inches

  • Carton Size (L x W x H): 55 x 9 x 28

  • Bicycle In Box Weight: 69 lbs

  • Bicycle Weight:  59.5 lbs.

  • Suggested Max Weight:   350 lbs.

  • Warranty: 1 year bike, 1 Year battery & lifetime frameder!

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