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    48cc 4-Stroke Installation

    Engine specialist Jonny shows you how easy it is to install your new 4-stroke bicycle engine kit!

49cc Flying Horse 5G Pull Start Bicycle Engine Kit- 4 Stroke Item# FH-5G-4STROKE

OUR PRICE: $279.95
List Price: $799.95

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Flying Horse 5G 4-Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit

Ready for a ride that will last? If you’re looking for a tough, reliable, long-lasting bicycle engine kit look no further than our Flying Horse 5G 4 stroke engine! The all new Flying Horse 5G 4 stroke bike engine kit features a centrifugal clutch and pull start enhancements,  with all of the latest features and upgraded components Flying Horse has to offer. This  4 stroke bike engine kit is truly the cream of the bike kit crop. Forget premixing oil and fuel! Instead, this engine features an independent oil reservoir which keeps the engine well lubricated. This is the reason the 4 stroke engines are known for their reliability and long life. Moreover, with the centrifugal clutch feature, there is no need to engage and disengage the engine manually. Similar to an engine for a scooter or goped, you simply pull the starter chord and hit the throttle to go! When the bike is stopped, the engine will automatically disengage so that the engine will stay running. This kit is perfect for those that are looking for the added reliability and ease of use of a 4 stroke engine with an automatic transmission.


This kit comes with all the components you'll need to convert a compatible bicycle into a motorized bicycle. Startup is a breeze and you can stop the engine with a simple killswitch provided with the throttle assembly. Don't be fooled by other retailers, selling outdated, non-EPA approved, old generation bicycle engine kits! All of the Flying Horse engines feature the latest updates, including high quality needle bearings and Japanese ball bearings. Older generation engines use cheap bushings that do not last! BikeBerry.com takes extra measures to ensure our manufactures abide by strict quality control assurance measures and use the highest quality material so that we can make certain that all of our customers get only the best! 

With these strict quality assurance measures, we are able to offer a industry leading 6 month warranty!


Product Requirements

For installing this kit buyer may need some basic hardware skills, tools, and take around 2-3 hours to install and do some adjustments. Seller is not responsible for misuse or this kit or any warranty after installation. This is a do-it-yourself kit and being such all repairs, maintenance and modifications are the responsibility of the buyer. 


 Bicycle engine kit fits most 26" Wheel Bikes (Mountain, Cruiser, Chopper, Road) with V-frame. Please check to see if your bike is compatible. 


Product Dimensions and Specifications

48cc engine kit is about 9" height 9.5" length 7" width. The bicycle gas engine kit includes a mounting plate that fits on standard 25mm to 29mm frame tube. Larger frame size requires modification to the mounting plate and/or frame of your bicycle.

Flying Horse 5G 4-Stroke bicycle engine kit offers:

3-4 HP (horse power)

20 to 25 mph depending on the gear ratio and weight.

Fuel Economy: MPG 100-150 miles per gallon

Independent drive sprocket and chain does not interfere with your current drive chain and peddling can be restored with a wide crank assembly.



Package Includes *(Products pictured may come in different colors but does not hinder performance.)

 1. Flying Horse 2014 5G 4-Stroke Centrifugal Transfer Case (3:1 Gear Ratio)

 2. HuaSheng 49cc Pull Start  Bicycle Engine

 3. High Performance Low Profile Carburetor

 4. Upgraded Hush Muffler

 5. High Quality Japanese Main Bearings

 6. Heavy Duty 415 Bike Chain

 7. Upgraded Chain Tension Guide

 8. Chain Guard

9. Spark Plug

10. CDI (Ignition Coil)

11. Upgraded Twist Throttle and cable with matching grip

12. Engine Mounting Plate

13. Black Teardrop Gas Tank (1.5L)

14. Fuel Line

15. Throttle Cable

16. Gasoline Tank Switch

17. Sprocket Clamp Assembly

18. High Quality Needle Bearings on Both Ends Crank

19. 44 Tooth Chrome Sprocket with 9 Holes

20. Magneto

21. Kill Switch

22. Required Hardware and Gaskets

23. Bonus: Spark Plug Removal Tool (While Supplies Last)!

24. Bonus: Wide crank set with accompanying bottom bracket (While Supplies Last)!

 Disclaimer: Operating a bike, motorized bicycle or bike with a bicycle engine kit installed involved some risk of serious bodily injury. Buyer accepts responsibility for any and all vehicle operations that may lead to personal injury, economic loss, social distress, other losses, costs and damages. Seller is not responsible for injuries and/or damages resulting from operating this motorized bicycle or bicycle engine kit. Seller is not responsible for misuse of this kit or any warranty after installation. Not all motorized bicycles are allowed on road use. We make no guarantee as to the road legality of the bicycle engine kits. The risks that the Seller, Niche Webstores Inc. is not responsible for include among other things: falling, collisions with pedestrians, street, highway or roadway vehicles, striking obstructions or other person, unsafe weather conditions including temperature exposure, hypothermia, sunstroke, sunburn, heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Waranty information

All of our bicycles come with a 60 day warranty on frame failure and 30 days warranty on parts against any manufacture defects. The manufacture will replace any defective parts within the warranty period. Damages caused by misuse, improper maintenance or neglect are not covered by the manufactures warranty.

All returns must be pre-approved by contacting our RMA Department through the contact us page. Please provide us with your order number, date of purchase and reason for return. Not providing the detailed information requested will delay the returns process. Returns must be made within 5 days of delivery and are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Item must be returned in new, resellable condition.

Once your request has been received, you will be contacted within 5 business days with instructions for sending back the item(s). You must re-package any item(s) being returned as it was delivered to you, with all components, materials and documentation. We will ship the replacement once we have received and processed the returned item(s). If you request for a refund, we will notify you via Email of your refund once we have received and processed the returned item(s). All refunds will be limited to and based on the current price of the item minus any restocking fees.

All shipping costs are non-refundable. Customers are responsible for return shipping back to BikeBerry.com

By initiating the RMA process customers agrees to all decisions by BikeBerry.com and all decisions are final. Please allow up to 2 billing cycles for your credit to be posted to your account.

The following are warranty limitations and exclusions for bicycle engine kit product(s):

* Hoses
* Lubricants
* Gaskets
* Spark plugs
* Standard wear and tear: plastic parts & components (color coordinated housing, brakes, brake handles, seats, chain and tires.
* Extreme riding, racing or competition
* Loss of time without vehicle
* Vandalism, fire or theft
* Crash or accident
* Unauthorized outside repair
* Warranty does not cover or reimburse any outside labor charges
* Warranty does not cover any towing or shipping charges to and from for any reason including but not limited to repair, return or exchanges
* Defective warranty part(s) are required to be returned for exchange or for new replacement part(s).

The buyer is responsible for returning the products at their own expense during warranty. The buyer will be responsible for properly packaging the product(s) and shipping product(s) back to our location.
The warranty is voided if:

* The product(s) is customized in any way other than manual.
* The product(s) is damaged due to natural causes.
* The product(s) is damaged due to an accident.
* The product(s) is vandalized or stolen.
* The product(s) does not get proper or periodic maintenance.
* The product(s) is used in a manner which it was not intended for.
* The product(s) is modified

Only parts will be covered under the manufactures defect warranty. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine which part is defective. Customer is responsible for repairs or installation of new exchange parts. Only defective parts will be exchanged.

Best Price Guarantee

BikeBerry.com is committed to providing our customers with the best price available online! At BikeBerry.com we work hard to offer the most competitive pricing available, but if you find a lower price online, let us know and we'll match it! In fact, if you find a lower price within 30 days of your original purchase date, we'll refund you the difference.

Complete the Best Price Guarantee form below to request a quote or price difference refund.

Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions:

Item must be the identical model from an authorized U.S. dealer. Specifically, the product must have the same U.S. manufacturer's warranty, model number, and contain the same components. BikeBerry.com will price match only in-stock products.

BikeBerry.com reserves the right to verify another online company's product availability and price before issuing a price match.

BikeBerry.com does not match auction websites or refurbished products.

The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to obvious pricing errors or clearance/close-out items.

Best Price Guarantee applies to the total purchase price of the item. Total purchase price includes shipping, taxes, or other discounts.

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Customer Reviews

Good little engine for the price. Review by Lonzo49
I would recommend extending & rerouting the crank case breather tube so it doesn't enter the air filter box and then plug the hole in back. The reason is, on both the engines I've had, oil vapor blows into the air filter compartment at higher RPMs. DO NOT plug the tube, just turn it up & make it a little longer so the oil will run back down before it gets blown out, (normal engine blow-by). Also, valve lash was all over the place on both engines... I set them at .006" cold and so far so good. Bottom line, They're made in China... but this looks to be the best affordable engine out there and as several have said, Bike Berry is the place to get them if you want outstanding costumer service. (Posted on 5/27/15)
very good Review by dusty roy
very easy to start and stay running

(Posted on 5/19/15)
Very good kit. Review by Don
Very good kit, but it takes some know how to get everything to work properly. Needs to have some instructions supplied with the kit. Have 75miles on it, so far the kit seems to be working very well. (Posted on 5/16/15)
looks like this was previously used... Review by Dennis
Haven't gotten it up and running yet but when I first opened my package I found out one of the boxes on the inside was open.the inside of the muffler had rust in it a few of the accessories had scratches on it and I was missing a few bolts that'll I'll have to try and find at a hardware store otherwise so far so good.cant wait to get this on the road (Posted on 5/7/15)
Great engine kit Review by Rowbear
The engine starts first pull everytime runs great. If you want eco-friendly dependable transportation or just want a fun ride you will want to get one of these kits. (Posted on 3/31/15)
awesome but took some time Review by wild banshee
the end result is awesome. so much fun. you do need to have good tools and some extra parts and time and skill and such. you will need a grinder (dremel works well), a torch is a must for the coaster break. i was missing the bolts for the centrifugal clutch housing to motor. OSH had them 6mm. nearly every step required some custom modification. i did not receive any instructions and was left with only the online video. it was enough to complete the project but did leave me guessing on a few things. took about 12 hours and still need to tune a few things. this is not a bolt on afternoon kit. give yourself some time and go to the hardware store as needed. i took 3 trips. when all said and done the bike is a kick in the pants. 180lbs went right up the hill and i'm getting another one soon. i bought the micargi 26" rover and it does not fit the kit well, but with some custom mods it works. (Posted on 12/26/14)
Good little motors, but one needs above level tools and skill Review by Masito
These are good little motors, but one needs other than common tools and skill. The kit I received needed the teeth of the drive gear (the gear on the centrifugal clutch) to be filed from a square to round. I used a Dremel tool. The carburetor is factory capped and cannot be adjusted. I'm experiencing power lag issues and I will have to drill out the cap and either insert an adjusting screw or re-jet the carb. One must get a chain cutting tool in case the chain needs to be shortened. Nuts and bolts are of inferior quality and if not replaced with a higher grade, it will cost you very much time and frustration.
I can't imagine anyone without more than rudimentary mechanical skills wanting to assemble one of these! The reward is fulfilling upon finishing the project, but you must be patient, creative and have some knowledge of mechanics. (Posted on 11/25/14)
Great kit for the money with plety of power. Review by Shooter066
This kit was fun and easy to install. It only took me 5 hours to build. It can take longer if you want to customize. Lots of people ask me about my bike. I just got done building one for my wife. We will take them along with us on the back of our RV. I recently took mine on a tug up the Eire Canal and it was nice to have so I could run to the store and into town. (Posted on 12/10/13)
great product Review by Jonny Fernandez
this engine is by far the best thing you can give to your bike.not only is it compact,but lasts for a very very long time! this is my favorite engine of them all and will be ordering me another,you can count on that bikeberry!!!
(Posted on 10/13/13)
Great engin gets me everywhere I need to go. Review by Halftank
So far I have had a blast on my bike with the 4 stroke engin. I have had 2 of the 2 strokes and I think the 4 stroke is mutch nicer. It's not as loud pluss all I half to do is pull into a gas station & fill up insted of mixing gas witch can be a pain. I have had only 2 problems with it and that is the muffler was touching my frame & it broke off one side of the mount, the other was the bell bowl broke. Witch is what your clutch grabs to mak you move. I hav let bike berr know about these problems and are workin on replacing them. other than that what alot of fun. Exspecialy when that is all you have to get around on. (Posted on 6/15/13)
great kit Review by sawdust
I put this kit on a tandem bike-yeah I know, it not designed for it-had to do some mods to the engine mount-get longer cable for the throttle-make the kill switch leads longer..but it was worth it. The engine pulls my wife and I up hills with no problems..love to pass riders riding their 21 speed bikes on the road with no effort on our part. Take your time and lock tite everything. Had to use my dremel on the gear from the gearbox as it had burrs on the sides of the teeth, the chain wouldn't turn freely and would bind up. Read the instructions-they do mention this problem. Love the attention this thing gets. And it is fast enough! (Posted on 6/2/13)
Good engine but need to know a couple things before you use it Review by Joel
my first two engines froze up on me. first of all the dipstick is wrong. fill it up all the way with oil!! and second go very easy on it for the first two tanks of gas. no full throttle apparently this is very important to break it in. would be awesome engine if these two things were made more clear. (Posted on 5/7/13)
6 mounth review Review by Samdallas214
First what I like
The price,
the easy installation ,
the pulling power
not mixing gas and oil.
not haven to peddle start it .
The great customer service and help. BB staff gave me.
I have put around 1000 miles on it, so far with out a problem.

Things that should be fixed, i do not like about the kit.
the throttle handles are real cheap.

The throttle cable could be about 12-15 inches longer.

far better instructions .

I think they should offer a longer cable and upgraded handles ., and maybe a few little extras upgraded parts.
for $10-$20.00 a kit

Over all I'm happy and i would buy it again, and when asked i say yes buy from BB .
the 4 stars is because of the handles and cable. (Posted on 3/14/13)
Verry good service from Bikeberry Review by Russ in Lakeland FL.
I have bought a lot of 2 & 4 strock motors kits from kings motor bikes and Bikeberry and you will get a whole lot of better service from BIKEBERRY so I my self will only buy from BIKEBERRY from non on Russell Rittgers @ russellrittgers@yahoo.com. If anybody has anything to comment about you can email me any time. (Posted on 1/15/13)
memories Review by ok_spiritwolf
I have owned five of them (talk about an adventure)
"overall" you got to give them an A+ (IN FUN)
(Posted on 11/15/12)
Wounderful Engine! Starts On First Pull... Has yet to fail me. Review by Nick
I mounted this engine on a Jesse James Edition Chopper Bicycle. Its a heavy bike but the engine pulls it like its nothing. It takes off right off. No problems at all! Its much better than the 2-stroke engine that rattle to pieces... (Posted on 9/6/12)
thumbs up Review by clay
Had this for about 5 months, run it for about 300 miles--works great Put it on a Micargi crusier which was a good choice (Posted on 8/31/12)
Ive had mine for about a week now I lived it at first until. Review by Ryan O
Ive had mine for about a week now I lived it at first until...... AND I THINK IT'S FABULOUS!! <3 (Posted on 3/21/12)
Great kit! Review by Sam M
Great kit! When I started it up it runs nice. Had it for 3 months so far with no problsm (Posted on 3/21/12)
So far this has been a very good running engine. Review by joe customer
So far this has been a very good running engine. It takes right off when you throttle it, it idles nice, and starts right up. Seems to be very srong. Im sure it will last thats why i bought it vs. the 2 stroke models. It took much longer to install than i thought due to the motormount, the engine is so big i had to move the holes as far foreward as i possibly could to get it to fit in the frame. A beach cruiser or chopper frame probably would be better for this motor (i used a mountainbike). I went and got alanhead bolts for the exhaust pipe because with the philips ones provided you cant get a screwdriver in there to tighten them properly, so keep that in mind if you buy this product. the only bad thing that i can say is i got a faulty transmission. Im sure it was just a factory defect because ive watched every youtube video i could find on this product (and their are ALOT!) and i never saw any about tranny problems. i only rode it around the block and when i went to take off for another spin on the block the tranny just spun. i was really surprised because like i said everything else seems to be strong and running well. I called Niche, and they were gonna replace the whole motor but i told them it wasnt nessasary, only the tranny was bad so they told me just pull it and send it in. when i pulled it apart it all looked ok and everything worked all the way untill it got to the sprocket, all the gears turned fine only the sprocket didnt turn. im sure it was just a factory defect. well i mailed it off today so im just waiting for the new one :) by the way, that one trip I took around the block, this thing is FAST! i wouldnt wanna go any faster on a bicycle lol. (Posted on 3/21/12)

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Q: When you purchase the kit, can you order it minus some parts like the gas tank or sprocket if you already have them, or do you need to go through and buy all of the parts separately?

Posted On: 2/13/14 By: Andrew Blaine

A: All of our bicycle engine kits are sold as a single unit and are unable to be parted out for individual sale. If you would like, you do have the option of purchasing each item separately. However, there is a heavy price discount when purchasing all items bundled into a kit.
Q: how fast do they go an are they road leagle

Posted On: 11/22/13 By: karl

A: On average the 49cc Flying Horse 5G Pull Start Bicycle Engine Kit- 4 Stroke, will go up to speeds of 25mph. This can be different depending on the riders weight, the weight of the bicycle the engine is installed on, if you are riding on flat land or hills and if you are towing anything else with the bike. Some engine naturally run a little faster then other. Please keep in mind these are small motors, they are not meant to be red-lined, its best to ride half-3/4 throttle. Especially if you are going down hill try just completely not use the throttle. These tips will really help keep the life of that motor as long as possible. As far as it being road legal you would need to check with either your local law enforcement or DMV, you will want to say things like: "If I am motor assisting my bicycle are there any laws I need to know?" "If I am motor assisting my bicycle what engine cc size do I need to be within to not have to register my bike?" Those type of questions will lead you to where you need to go with your local laws. The reason we can't go into laws is because laws change not only from state to state but also from county to county.
Q: Do you possibly have a kit to mount engine over rear wheel?

Posted On: 10/4/13 By: Steven Rutherford

A: Unfortunately not. What you are describing is called a friction drive system, which we do not carry at this time. Our kits have the engine placed inside the frame of the bike, where it is more secure, less top-heavy, and more balanced left-to-right. Additionally, we have found a chain drive system to be far more reliable than a friction drive system.
Q: Can it be mounted on a girls bike?

Posted On: 9/19/13 By: Julia

A: Our gas powered bike engine kits are designed to fit on a Men's 26" beach cruiser style bicycle and the engine fits in the space below the top tube and above the pedals. Most women's bike have the top tube bend down towards the pedals and this bend cuts into the space required for an engine kit to fit on a bicycle. Because of this bend, our kits do not fit most women's bikes without needed special modifications. We do have several Men's Micargi Bikes that come in a variety of colors options that we know fit our engine kits without needing any modifications. To see these bikes, please check out the "Motorized Bicycles (DIY)" section of our website.
Q: I bought the 2 stroke bicycle kit from pcc moters. Im not so happy with it A lot of adjustments just to get it running.now it don't run so good Misses most of the time.Needle or idol adjust don't help.I don't like the clutch either.I have decided to buy a 4stroke kit.I have very good mechanical skills.Just not happy with a 2 stroke.My Question is will the wide pedal crank work on a new huffy cranbrook.I will probably buy from you .you seem to be reputable. and have any parts if I need any.Let me know. thanks.Rick..

Posted On: 9/4/13 By: Richard Davids

A: Hello Rick, Our Wide Crank Assembly is designed for single speed bikes, but can be adapted to work with rear multi-speed bikes. With very minor modifications, this unit can fit on almost any bike out there.

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