66/80cc BBR Tuning Angle Fire Bicycle Engine Kit - 2 Stroke


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Ralph Evans

health issues for a while 66/80cc is about 50% done!
Will let you know later

David B.
So much fun!

The kit came just as expected, except that the color of wires didn't match the color of wires in the video. There was also a step in putting it together missing from the videos, but fortunately, there is a mechanic in the household who was able to put it together fairly seamlessly. With that being said, I ended up calling customer service twice for assistance with the wrong-colored wires, and even though they weren't sure, they checked with someone who was. I talked to a second person who confirmed that info, and also sent a bunch of information that we needed about other parts of the install, such as the gas ratio and how many hours to break it in, etc.

The motor itself works great! It fit perfectly into the bike we chose to use, and several tanks of gas have been used with no issues. It has been an absolute blast and has turned quite a few heads in the neighborhood.

I highly recommend this motor to others. We also got some accessories to put on the bike as well, and those all work great too (lights, blinker, spedometer).

joe Osmulski
fast shipping

I haven't used the engine kit yet, but the shipment was fast and complete . Thank you.

Done tweaking it

I wasn't huge on the idea of the top head assembly is the main reason I'm giving it 4 instead of 5 stars, I bought from BB and not GB because your ad didnt specify it needed done and I was hoping it came preassembled, but it went easy enough and was no big deal. The bike it went on is a Huffy 29" mountain bike which would sound large enough but the frame is tight where the engine mounts so I had to route the carburator around the frame with a few 90's, also the kill switch is no good it's a normally open switch that closes when pushed, the 2 strokes need a normally closed switch that opens when pushed, I installed a light switch to act as a cut off, my last 2 stroke I could close the choke off to make it stop but that isnt working on this one for some reason. The engine runs strong and is getting looks and comments from people as I make my runs with it everybody wants their own.

Jeff Shepherd

66/80cc BBR Tuning Angle Fire Bicycle Engine Kit - 2 Stroke

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