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X-Treme 350W X-Cursion Max Folding black bicycle sideX-Treme 350W X-Cursion Max Folding red bicycle side
Electric Bike X-Treme TM-36 blackElectric Bike X-Treme TM-36 aluminum
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X-Treme 500W Baja Mountain Folding white bicycle sideX-Treme 500W Baja Mountain Folding white bicycle side
X-Treme 500W Rocky Road Fat Tire Mountain black side of bicycleX-Treme 500W Rocky Road Fat Tire Mountain white bicycle side
Electric Bike X-Treme TC-36 mint green mainElectric Bike X-Treme TC-36 baby blue main

X-Treme electric bikes and electric scooters have been around since 2001, making them veterans of the electric bicycle industry. Their extensive range of electric mountain bikes, breach cruiser e-bikes, folding electric bicycles and electric scooters ensures that they have a product to suit just about everyone, from the inner-city commuter to the hardcore mountain biker.

The fantastic thing about the X-Treme range of electric scooters and e-bikes is that they have customized each product to suit the proposed use. Instead of having a base model for their entire range with just the components changing, X-Treme design each individual electric bike and scooter from the wheels up to ensure it will suit the advertised conditions.

The range of X-Treme beach cruiser e-bikes have all been constructed to be “beach friendly”, with a 100% aluminum frame that will not rust. Taking this concept even further, the X-treme beach cruiser frames are composed entirely of rust resistant materials, including all nuts, bolts and spoke.

X-Treme electric scooters are principally designed for inner-city commuting, so the focus of design is on safety and security in densely populated areas. This is evident in the standard inclusion of headlights and taillights, a horn to alert other road users of a rider’s presence and an “on/off” key switch for improved theft protection.

All of the X-Treme electric mountain bikes have been built with higher torque to successfully take on steep incline trails. This gives the X-Treme mountain e-bikes the ability to maintain an average speed of 18 mph while being ridden up a 5-7% incline continuously for 45 minutes.