X-Treme 500W 48V Rubicon Mountain Electric Bike


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The fastest model currently available from X-Treme, the X-Treme 500W Rubicon Mountain Bike is packed full of powerful features, making it a firm contender for anyone seeking a serious mountain bike with high torque for the ability to successfully complete uphill rides. In fact, the Rubicon mountain bike has been successfully tested riding up a 5-7% incline continuously for 45 minutes, despite slowing down for hair pin turns!

The X-Treme Rubicon is powered by a 48 volt LiPo4 lithium battery (considered to be very lightweight for minimal drag) which is integrated into the frame of the e-bike. The inclusion of a 48 volt battery (offering greater power than a typical 24 or 36 volt battery often seen in e-bikes) means that the Rubicon electric mountain bike has more long lasting power, which translates into better staying power when out riding. This impressive battery is connected to a 500 watt Bafang clutch motor. This particular chain-driven model of Bafang electric motor features a digital torque sensor for high torque, zero resistance mountain bike rides, even when tackling steep, off-road dirt trails.

The fully aluminum frame (including all bolts, nuts and spokes), ensures that you will not need to worry about your mountain bike rusting, so you can ride it through all weather conditions. 100% welded by hand, the aluminum frame of the X-Treme Rubicon is lightweight, yet extremely hard wearing. Fitted with both front and rear suspension and responsive TEKTRO disk brakes, the Rubicon mountain bike is both comfortable to ride and reliable to use.

A stand-out feature of the X-Treme Rubicon electric mountain bike is the impressive King Meter 5-speed Smart Power Assist System (SPAS) which includes a USB port for charging your compatible devices. This system is operated via the conveniently located LCD screen which gives riders real-time control of their e-bike. Smart PAS gives riders an electric bike that can be up to twice as efficient as a typical e-bike, due to your ability to customise the power consumption to suit the needs of each specific ride. The LCD display screen will also allow riders to monitor their current battery charge, speed and distance travelled.

  • Fastest model of mountain bike currently available from X-Treme
  • Powered by a 48 volt LiPo4 lithium battery (considered to be very lightweight for minimal drag)
  • 500 watt Bafang chain-driven clutch motor with digital torque sensor
  • Impressive King Meter 5-speed Smart Power Assist System (up to twice as efficient as standard)
  • LCD display screen allows riders to monitor their current battery charge, speed and distance travelled



  • Battery: 48 Volt LiPo4 Lithium (lightweight)
  • Motor: Bafang 500 Watt Zero Resistance Rear Hub Motor With Clutch
  • Drive System: Chain Driven by Rear Hub Motor or Pedal Power
  • Distance: 70 Miles when using Low PAS and on flat terrain with pedal assist
  • Charging Time: Approx. 3 hours
  • Tire Size: Kenda Mountain Tire & Tube - 26 x 2.10 Inch on Aluminum Wheels
  • Controller: 48 Volt 15 Amp Sealed Smart Controller
  • Braking System: TEKTRO disk brakes with hydraulic upgrade option
  • Throttle Type: Variable speed thumb throttle - SPAS Power Assisted - Pedal Power
  • LCD Display: King Meter LCD Smart PAS digital system with USB phone charging port
  • Cargo Rack: Aluminum Rear Carry Rack
  • Frame: 6061-T6 Temper Aluminum Alloy
  • Forks: Suntour® XCT Hydraulic Front Forks
  • Suspension: Front Hydraulic Suspension Included & KS Rear Shock Suspension
  • Derailleur: Shimano® 9-Speed Atlus Gears & Shifter
  • Quick Release: Front & Rear Wheels Have Quick Release Axles - Flip Lever
  • Light: Included as free accessory add on - Battery Operated Snap-On LED (Not covered under warranty)
  • Accessories: Drink holder on handle bars included
  • Suggested Max Weight: 350 lbs.

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