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The Green Bike USA range of electric bicycles provide a fantastic array of options sure to meet the needs of a wide range of riders. From full suspension folding e-bikes, to fat tire off road electric bicycles with powerful 500 watt motors; comfortable electric cruiser bikes, to adaptable electric mountain bikes, Green Bike USA remain committed to meeting the needs of their customers.

From the very beginning, Green Bike USA have been working hard to change the public perception of what an electric bicycle can be, promoting them as a fun and viable alternative to the traditional daily commute in a gas guzzling car. In addition to being a more economical option than a car (think of the money saved on registration, insurance, maintenance and gas!), Green Bike USA have tried to shift the public consciousness to appreciate the environmental benefits of riding an electric bike.

The electric bike riding community has certainly taken notice of the varied range of unique designs on offer by Green Bike USA, with each new model showing improvements and upgrades to create a better rider experience. One of the most popular features of their assorted folding e-bikes is the inclusion of a full suspension setup, something which is often sacrificed on a folding bike in the name of saving weight. The end result is electric folding bikes that are still lightweight, but much more comfortable to ride for extended distances. Green Bike USA also offers a range of fat tire and mountain e-bikes for improved off road performance.