Green Bike 500W 20" GB 500 Mag Folding Electric Bike

Green BikeSKU: EB-GB500MAG-BLK

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Do you want to commute daily with confidence? Then, EB-GB500MAG Green Bike 500W is the perfect option! It includes left/right turn signs, front/backlights, and front/rear hydraulic brakes, all designed for safe riding. In addition, the 9 Levels feature makes it an ideal electric bike to ride through tough terrains. 

  • Robust Battery: Its 48V 18.2 AH battery offers a great range. So you don't have to worry about taking breaks for charging them multiple times during the trip. 
  • Hydraulic Brakes: You do not have to worry about going down the inclines when you have the hydraulic disc brakes. These are designed for stopping the e-bike with ease and reliability. 
  • Multi-Functional LCD: The e-bike has a multi-functional LCD color panel display, which you can use to see your riding performance. It shows the battery level, distance traveled, and other essential details.
  • Pedal Assist System: Ride effortlessly with the 9-level pedal-assist system on the bike. It pushes the pedal by accessing your pedal speed and time. 

Green Bike 500W 20" GB 500 Mag Folding Electric Bike comes with all-new lightweight Magnesium wheels for strong traction on the surface. The 500W powerful motor helps generate high acceleration. It also assists in pedaling by pushing the pedal automatically after analyzing your pedal speed. You can enjoy your ride by listening to music because this e-bike has a USB outlet. 

If you want to ride smoothly through the city roads, there are left and right indicators on the bike. These turn indicators even make a sound when it sparks. So that you can be aware of it when it's flashing. Make sure you turn it off after making your turn.

The durable lithium 48V 18.2 AH battery on the bike allows you to cover long distances worry-free. You can easily remove it from the case and charge it inside your house or at a petrol station. Moreover, its Tektro powered disc brakes are satisfactory, and the Kenda puncture-resistant tires give a good travel experience on even dry roads.

The e-bike is loaded with great safety features, including a brake light that makes you visible to other riders. At the same time, front & back lights boost user visibility and prevent accidents when riding in the night. Besides, its front & rear hydraulic brake improves the driver's safety by offering a safe braking experience.

In addition to that, you can store this folding e-bike in any small space. The GB500 is the perfect urban commuter bicycle and is available in six colors: black, orange, blue, silver, white, and Purple. So, what are you waiting for? Take this ebike with you anywhere and make others jealous.


  • SKU/Model No.: EB-GB500MAG

  • Motor: 500W

  • Total Weight: 64 LBS

  • Removable Battery: 48V, 18.2AH

  • Battery Weight: 12 LbS

  • Display: Multi-Function LCD

  • Pedal Assist: 9 Levels

  • Gear: Shimano Gear

  • Wheels: Magnesium wheels

  • USB Outlet: Yes

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