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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products

E-Joe electric bicycles began production in California way back in 2008, becoming one of the earliest manufacturers of the folding electric bike. Since those early days, the E-Joe range of e-bikes has been continually refined and upgraded, resulting in a product that is lightweight, functional and outfitted with a range of high quality components for improved performance.

E-Joe have striven to create electric bikes that can be enjoyed by all kinds of riders, from the day to day commuter to weekend adventurers; e-bike pros and newbies alike can benefit from the practical designs and functional features. To ensure their e-bikes are as user friendly as possible, E-Joe sent prototypes of their early electric bicycles out to professional test riders and reviewers, on the proviso that they would provide constructive criticism regarding what they thought could be improved. As a result, over the years the E-Joe electric bikes have benefited from upgraded LCD display panels, more protection for the battery connector, improved braking systems and an enhanced throttle.

An often remarked upon feature of the E-Joe electric bike range is how lightweight they are, with an average weight of only 42 lbs (which can be further reduced by removing the battery). Bikeberry supply the full range of E-Joe electric bicycles, including commuter e-bikes and road cruisers. But E-Joe are particularly renowned for their folding electric bikes and their range of Dutch style commuter bikes with a triple tube frame design, which allows the battery to be mounted on the downtube for increased stability.

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