BBR Tuning DELUXE High Performance Expansion Chamber- Chrome

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Tired of that stock muffler not giving you enough power, but a standard expansion chamber won’t fit on your frame? With the new BBR Tuning DELUX High Performance Expansion Chamber not only will you get the performance boost you’re looking for, but you’ll get a better fit than ever.

Stock mufflers keep your bike from running at full performance because of their built-in reed. With this expansion chamber there’s no reed holding you back from getting maximum performance. In addition, its extended length helps you expel more exhaust from your engine. With its banana expansion chamber, the exhaust is circulated around the chamber and smoothly flows out of the chamber instead of being shoved out like in stock mufflers (which usually creates build up in the engine).

Because these mufflers wrap around your frame and come up around next to the engine, there’s no more fear or bottoming-out and scraping or breaking your muffler. Especially helpful for motorized chopper bikes and motorized low-riders, with this muffler you’ll be able to expand your customization options wider than ever. But don’t let that stop you from using it with a 26” or 29” bike, because these mufflers are compatible with nearly any bike and any 2-stroke motor: 48cc and 66/80cc alike.

With a boost of performance and a whole lot of style, the BBR Tuning DELUX High Performance Expansion Chamber is everything you want and need out of a high performance muffler. Whether you’re looking to add some added speed and get a smoother ride, or if you want a muffler that’ll fit on your low riding bike, this is the muffler your engine’s been waiting for.


  • Color: Chrome
  • Compatible Engine(s): 2-stroke 48cc and 66/80cc engines

WARNING: Bicycle engine exhaust mufflers becoming increasingly hot with use. Because the expansion chamber of this exhaust sits next to the cylinder head of a bicycle engine, please use caution when operating a bicycle with this muffler installed. Wear full-length coverings for your legs and do not intentionally bring your legs in close to the engine/muffler.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ron McAteer
Best pipe, hands down

Pipe fit bike frame perfectly! Max speed 42 mph, with porting of head and installed pipe, w/30 tooth sprocket. Also, Welded muffler on pipe, little quieter, not much! All in all, I love the thing… Ron Mac

Jesus Garcia
Sick az!

AZ! Like a turbo for you bike. Straight fast.

Mary gutierrez

Trouble connecting to customer service right away but when you do they are very helpful and

Walter Pollard

This expansion chamber had a lot of flaws and leaks the quality of this product is not that great if you stay in a community with a lot of houses it is entirely too loud I had to put a silencer on the one that I purchased and fix the leaks

sean yetsko

I bet this would work awesome, except it didnt fit my bike :(

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