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Eprodigy 750W Banff Electric Cruiser - white bicycle sideElectric Bike Eprodigy Banff Red Main
Sale price$2,999.99
Eprodigy 750W Banff Electric Cruiser
Electric Bike Eprodigy Magic Grey MainElectric Bike Eprodigy Magic White Main
Sale price$2,499.95
Eprodigy 750W Magic Step-Thru Electric Bike
Eprodigy 750W Magic Pro side of bicycleeProdigy Magic Pro Video Review
Sale price$3,999.99
Eprodigy 750W Magic Pro Electric Bike
Eprodigy 500W Fairweather Folding Electric Bike Black - sideEprodigy 500W Fairweather Folding Electric Bike Black - bicycle folded
Eprodigy 750W Whistler Electric Commuter Bike - white bicycle sideEprodigy 750W Whistler Electric Commuter Bike - red bicycle side
Sale price$2,999.95
Eprodigy 750W Whistler Electric Commuter Bike
Eprodigy 750W Jasper Electric Cruiser - red bicycle sideEprodigy 750W Jasper Electric Cruiser - black bicycle side
Sale price$3,199.99
Eprodigy 750W Jasper Electric Cruiser

eProdigy electric bicycles are designed to be both eco-friendly and budget conscious in a deliberate effort to change the way people view electric bikes. The brain child of North America’s leading distributor of lithium-ion batteries and an electric motor manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience, eProdigy offers e-bikes constructed on a wealth of industry experience.

Bikeberry supply a range of eProdigy electric bikes, including their popular cruiser and commuter models. The various eProdigy electric bikes come in a range of sizes and styles, making it easier to find a custom fit for each individual rider. This includes an eProdigy electric cruiser bike (the ‘Banff’), which with a frame of just 15” is one of the smallest currently available on the e-bike market.

The eProdigy range of electric bicycles includes lithium-ion batteries with Panasonic 18650 cells, the very same cells currently being used by Tesla to power their electric cars. Instead of integrating the battery into the frame like many other e-bike companies, eProdigy have instead chosen to mount the battery on the downtube, in an acknowledgement of the fast paced increases in battery technology. This ensures that you won’t be investing in technology that could become obsolete in a few years’ time – rather, you can just upgrade the battery to keep in step with future advances.

All eProdigy electric bicycles are fitted with the patented eProdigy Coaxial Bottom Bracket Motor which has been engineered to take advantage of the mechanical gears, resulting in a more energy efficient ride.