Eprodigy 500W Fairweather Folding Electric Bike Black


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The electric bike has been powered by a 500W motor and 36V 5.8Ah lithium-ion battery which powers the bike up to 25 miles range. The bike is composed of carbon fiber, which is highly rigid offering great strength, stiffness at low density, and many practical benefits. Shimano hydraulic brakes with power cut-off offer precise stopping power, thus ensuring complete safety.

  • KT-LCD3: Using the LCD, you can access the vehicle status and the vehicle controls, which will be displayed as digitized statistics to meet the trip demands.

  • Pedal-Assist Mode: Get partial assistance from the electric mode, which delivers power equivalent to the force you place on the pedals.

  • Lithium Rechargeable Battery: Upon getting fully charged, the bike can go up to 25 miles range without stopping.

  • Warranty Covered: You get 2 years warranty on the battery and the motor. And, a 90-days assurance on all the c components of the bike.

The electric bike is extremely lightweight and withdraws power from a mid-drive motor that powers it to go miles through the most challenging roads. The bike features pedal-assist and throttle mode that can improve the bike's performance. The throttle mode provides the instant acceleration, letting you enjoy a free ride. The bike also has a pedal-assist feature that gives you the option to adjust the bike's power outcome according to the requirement. The pedal-assist feature provides partial riding assistance.

The Panasonic lithium-ion rechargeable, 36V 5.8Ah battery, is extremely powerful and takes about 4 to 6 hours to get completely charged. The bike gives an average range of 12 to 25 miles per charge. The battery efficiency may vary according to the riding mode engaged.

Composed of carbon fiber, the bike frame is strong and offers high reliability, which makes the bike long-lasting. During the journey, stay updated about the riding statistics with the KT-LCD3, giving access to the riding details like time, speed, riding mode, and distance.

The Schwalbe semi-slick 20” x 2.0 puncture-resistant tires have the RaceGuard puncture protection, which easily absorbs the impacts and does not let you feel a thing. With smart tire technology, riding becomes low-maintenance and super light.

The Velo speed flex wide saddle makes omg journeys smooth, giving you a plush riding experience. The hydraulic disc brakes with power cut-off bring the bike to a halt in a moment’s notice, so you stay rest- assured about your riding safety.

eProdigy coaxial bottom bracket motorTM has been designed to keep the modular upgrades in mind, allowing you to upgrade and innovate the system as per the latest market demands.



  • Max Motor Speed: 20mph

  • Range: Up to 25 miles*

  • Battery: PANASONIC Lithium-Ion Rechargeable, 36V 5.8Ah

  • Weight: 35lbs w/ battery

  • Frame: Carbon Fiber

  • Tires: Schwalbe Semi Slick 20”x 2.0 Puncture Resistant and Reflective

  • Rims: 20" Gmax Pro Aluminum

  • Brakes: Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes with Power Cut Off

  • Shifter: N/A

  • Rear Gears: N/A (Internal Hub Upgrades Available)

  • Front Fork: Rigid Carbon Fiber

  • Chainwheel: Gates Carbon Drive CDX, 70T

  • Drive Details: Gates Carbon Belt

  • Saddle: Velo Plush Speed Flex Wide

  • Grips: Ergonomic Grips, Lockable

  • Kickstand: N/A

  • Motor Type: Brushless DC Motor, 36V

  • Output Power: 500W/350W Programmable at Dealer Level

  • Control Panel: KT-LCD3

  • Assist Modes: 0/1/2/3/4/5

  • Frame Size: 14"

  • Wheel Size: 20"

  • Available Colors: Matte Black

  • Warranty: 2 years for the motor and battery; 90 days for all regular bike components

  • Motor: Coaxial Motor, DC, brushless

  • Controller: PWM microprocessor. Overload protection, low voltage protection

  • Controls: Pedal Assist and Throttle On Command

  • Folding: Centre Fold w/ Magnetized Rear Wheel Anchor

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