X-Treme 350W 36V TM-36 Mountain Electric Bike

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The X-Treme TM36 is an affordable mountain bike which runs on a 350-watt rear hub motor. It is powered by a highly-efficient 36V lithium battery which powers the bike to go up to 30 miles when fully charged. For longer journeys, you can engage the pedal-assist mode which propels the bike to go farther without stopping.

  • 100% Aluminum Alloy Frame: The sturdy frame can withstand shocks and its corrosion resistance properties ensure reliability.

  • Lithium Battery: The compact and lightweight battery powers the bike to travel at a speed of 20+ per hour up to 30 miles distance.

  • Pedal Assist System: The pedal assist provides power to the motor proportional to the force you apply onto the pedals.

  • 7-Speed Shimano Gear Shifter: Adjust the bike’s performance according to the terrain and ride seamlessly adjusting the bike’s speed.

The TM36 is an affordable mountain bike designed for riders who do not wish to be stopped at anything. It runs on a 350-watt zero resistance rear hub motor which ensures better traction and great performance on challenging roads.

Composed of the topline components which include aluminum alloy frame, 7 lightweight lithium-ion batteries, front and rear disc brakes, and an adjustable seat. The mountain bike will add thrill and comfort to your long rides. You can easily control the bike’s speed with a twist throttle and in need of a partial power boost simply engage the pedal-assist feature.

The electric bike can ride at the speed of 20 miles in an hour for straight 30 miles. The charging time is 4 hours. It withdraws power from lithium-ion batteries which are extremely lightweight due to their compact size. It sits quietly under the bike seat and cannot be noticed in the first glimpse, giving the bike a very neat and clean look.

The bike ensures reliability as it is composed of a 100% aluminum alloy frame which is sturdy enough to withstand shocks. Its corrosion-resistant properties make it ideal for rides all around the year.

The Shimano 7-speed gears give an easy-shifting performance. With multiple gearing options, you can adjust the performance of the bike according to the type of terrain. The seatpost is adjustable so you can increase or decrease the height of the seatpost as per your comfort.


  • SKU/Model No.: EB-TM36

  • Watts: 350 Watts

  • Amps: 10 Amp Circuit (7 Battery Cells at 10 Amps Each)

  • Volts: 36 Volts (Each Battery Cell is 3.6 Volts)

  • Batteries: 10 Lightweight Lithium LiPo4 Battery Cells in a Sealed Removable Pack

  • Speed: Up to 20+ MPH*

  • Distance: Up to 30 miles per charge* - can still pedal if charge is lost

  • Tire Size: 26 x 1.95 Inch on Aluminum Wheels

  • Charger: 36V Smart Charger Included

  • Motor: Zero Resistance Hub Motor - Motor is in centere of rear wheel

  • Gears & Speeds: 7 Speed Shimano Tourney® Gears & Shifter

  • Throttle Type: Variable Speed Control - Twist Throttle - or - Pedal & Power Assisted - or - Turn Off Power & Pedal Only

  • PAS System: On/Off Button with Battery Indicator located on right side handlebar

  • Frame Type/Size: 100% Aluminum - Very Light Weight - Men's Frame

  • Forks: Front Forks with alloy crown and steel legs

  • Braking System: Front & Rear JAK Disk Brakes

  • Drive System: Zero Resistance Rear Hub Motor (Motor is in rear rim) + Pedal Power

  • Headlight: Yes - Battery Operated Snap-On LED (Not Covered Under Warranty)

  • Cargo Rack Included

  • Measurements: 72 Inches Wheel to Wheel - 25 Inches Width - 37 Inches to Handlebars - 34 3/4" to 39 Inches Seat Height

  • Carton Size: (L x W x H) 54 x 9 x 28

  • Bicycle In Box Weight: 63 lbs.

  • Bicycle Weight: 52 lbs.

  • Suggested Max Weight: 350 lbs.

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Duane Zuckschwerdt
75 year old gets his first mountain bike

75 year old gets his first mountain bike. I received the bike quickly from Mike Barry it’s quality bike I wrote it a few times that pedal assist is amazing I haven’t had it long enough to find out how long the battery last but it definitely seems to last quite a while I could keep up with my grandkids on the bike trails which I surprised them

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