The Gigabyke Groove is a moped-style e-bike. Although it may look like a vespa scooter, it is federally classified as an electric bicycle. This means no license, no registration, and no insurance. The V2 and the V1 models may look very similar but if you look at the details there have been a lot of changes and improvements. Between both models, the capabilities have stayed the same for the most part. You can still reach a top speed of 20mph, you still can travel 20 - 25 miles on a single charge, and both still run on the latest Silicon battery technology. They still kept the slim design from the older generation Groove, Featuring its accents on the side plating, large 16” wheels, Bright back and front LED headlights, turn signals and a rear rack for a small storage trunk. Overall, the GigaByke Groove still keeps its modern and appealing look. While on the GigaByke Groove, you’ll still find that the signature comfort from this seat cushion hasn’t changed. You’ll still get a great comfortable ride, especially if this is your daily driver. You’ll quickly discover that a seat like this won’t hurt your back or butt when going on those long 25 mile trips. The speedometers are identical as well. Still bright, visible, and easy to read. However, the casing has changed from chrome to a more appealing black finish.Chrome speedometer black speedometer

What sets GigaByke apart from their competitors is their priority to innovate and improve based on customer feedback. So when it comes to design improvements, they took every customer's suggestions seriously.

One of the biggest improvements on the new 2017 GigaByke, is the size of the magnets on the motor. These larger magnets do away with the old rear-wheel design and improve torque, more pulling power, and faster accelerations. The motor size is still 750w, but with larger magnets, it maximizes the allowable wattage for more consistent speed, especially for those who live near hilly areas. Old Mags New magnets We get a lot of customers who love the Gigabyke Groove but they live in high humidity climates like Florida or Georgia. We’ve received concerns of rusting in the past and mentioned it to GigaByke. They took that feedback and upgraded the paint they use on the frame to an electrostatic auto-grade polymer that withstands rust and protects the frame extensively. Other small but notable changes are upgraded motor controllers to assist with the bigger motor size, a stronger side stand that holds double the weight capacity, and the wiring harness. They also increased the rear suspension for a more comfortable ride. And as far as packaging goes, we reached out to Gigabyke because some customers were receiving their bikes with broken fenders due to rough handling by carriers. So they came back to us and told us that they went to the drawing board on the crate design, not once but 4 times. We now have a delivery crate that will withstand the abuse from even the most careless package handler. That’s some dedication. Overall, the changes are noticeable and impressive with the same feel, look, and design of the original GigaByke Groove that made it the tech darling of last year.

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