High performance parts on a motorized bike
Performance parts: they make your motorized bike run smoother and faster. Who doesn't love the roar of a long shot muffler or the speed you get from a CNS carburetor? The only drawback to upgrading your engine is that like all motors with performance parts, the more parts you want the more parts you may need to install. High performance parts need high performance gaskets, and with the amount of air, fuel and oil being rushed through your engine, compensation, and tuning of other parts will be necessary. Here, we'll break down various key parts and show you what's best for your needs. Mufflers The first performance part riders are attracted to are mufflers. They're simple to install and give you a boost of power when you ride. Depending
Various high performance parts on a 2-stroke motorized engine
on the type of muffler you get, you may also get a smoother ride or that loud growl riders love. Mufflers are great performance parts because they expel exhaust faster and in better ways than stock mufflers. The expansion chamber, for example, is shaped so that exhaust will travel in a circular motion within the barrel so it can come out smoothly, giving your ride a much smoother feel. Other mufflers, like the short shot and long shot muffler, have no baffle or exhaust cap, so there is nothing hindering exhaust from coming out, giving you a boost of power and sound.BBR Tuning Dual Ended Torquer Up Exhaust Pipe Muffler There is a muffler for everyone: for people who want a smoother ride and for those who're looking for a faster ride. Performance mufflers are the one thing your engine needs when you want a quick way to get more power. Heads High performance heads give your bike a great look, more power, and more longevity of your motor. Most performance heads have deep heat syncs: fins that allow the area of the head faster than solid heads. A cooler BBR Tuning Racing Cylinder Headhead means cooler cylinder components, like the piston and crank arm. As well all know, the one thing that will take down an engine is heat, and with a high performance head you lower the risk of overheating those parts. High performance heads are also known as "compression" heads because of their ability to increase the compression of your cylinder. More compression means more power. Also, when you use a performance head the piston dome is often lower than a stock head's to set the piston closer to the spark plug. This is to give you a better, more consistent spark. Not only that, but you'll have the ability to push out more exhaust from your cylinder. Like all performance parts, a high performance head gasket is encouraged Billet High Compression Performance Cylinder Headto keep from losing compression. With high compression heads, you may want to consider adding a high performance muffler to your kit. Because of the compression adjustment, you're going to have more exhaust coming from your engine, and with a stock muffler you may blow the cap and baffle off if there's too much compression. Remember: the more power you generate, the more exhaust it'll create. You've got to make sure you're not overloading your muffler, otherwise, you can blow it off the engine. Carburetors Carburetors: the backbone of any engine. Without a carburetor, your engine cannot run. This is where air and fuel are mixed and sent to the cylinder for combustion, and with performance carburetors, you're going to get a lot more fuel and air coming into your cylinder than with a stock one. Cone CNS High Performance CarburetorHigh performance carburetors often have larger jets than stock carburetors- this allows for fuel to come in to and travel out from the carburetor. They also have bigger manifold ports to allow more air to come into the carburetor, and better ways of mixing your fuel to give you a big jump in power. These carburetors are made to give you better acceleration and more top speed, and while you may not need to upgrade your manifold gasket, you may want to consider upgrading your manifold to a billet style manifold to sit your carburetor closer to the engine, or an offset manifold to set your carburetor further away from the motor for better fitting. You can also try a reed valve, which is like a manifold that cools itself to give you a smoother ride. When installing an engine. you may want to consider pairing your high performance carburetor with a high performance muffler. For all that fuel and air there will be lots of exhaust, and if you have a stock muffler the exhaust may back up into your cylinder, which can lead to gunk in your engine and blown gaskets. Axle Components BBR Tuning Motorized Bike Jackshaft KitPerformance isn't just in the engine. Performance is also found on the bike, specifically in the axle and cranks of the bike. Consider the Jackshaft, for example. Jackshafts allow the rider to use gears on a cassette (multi-speed) bike with their engine instead of the single large sprocket provided stock with the engine kit. Riders love using jackshafts because of their ability to "shift" while riding, i.e. vary speeds in the way a clutch would with a transmission. These are great for riders who know how to shift on bikes and want full control over their ride. These have been said to increase top speed and longevity of the bike by limiting how fast you can go per gear. BBR Tuning Non-Free Wheel Heavy Duty Axle KitHigh performance doesn't always mean fast, though. High performance can also mean "better performing," like heavy-duty axle kits. These kits come with a bicycle hub, drum brake assembly, rear sprocket that attaches directly to the hub. Instead of those old, rubber grommets that can misalign your rear sprocket, these kits will keep your sprocket tight to the wheel. They also have drum brakes on them, which outperform standard caliper bike brakes by miles. Remember that with any performance part installed you're going to want to adjust your carburetor's idle and air/intake adjustments. High performance parts are what will take your regular bike engine kit and turn it into a moped, and if you know what performance parts you're working with, your bike will be unstoppable.



Also what a great add on is the bbr boost bottle kit it is awesome and i prefer it better than an exhaust


Love your bikes and Video help.I had to fix new 80cc engine cluch,it was stuck and needed adjustments.finished


Hi I got the upgraded head carburetor and muffler and it works like a charm wow


“Sorry to hear that you did not receive the installation guide for your Boost Bottle or Installation guide. If you’d like to view the installation of the Boost Bottle and the manifold that comes with that kit, just ”“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-b-_vaF5Pk”" rel=""nofollow"">click here to view how to properly install both parts on to your motor for maximum performance.
In case you cannot find the Motorized Bike Installation Guide that shows you how to install an engine kit on to a bicycle, <a href=""https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDruEHpE7dw"" rel=""nofollow"">just click the link here to check out the installation of a 2-stroke bike engine kit. If you have any questions or concerns with the installation of an engine or the Boost Bottle, just let us know here, shoot us an email to support@BikeBerry, or give us a call Mon-Fri 8:30am to 5pm PST (4pm on Friday afternoons) and we’ll be glad to talk you through any questions you have."

charles r moran

I just bought a 66 or 80 cc mustang racer motor from bike berry, it all came shipped and packed real nice, but with no instructions, also , i bought the boost bottle and billet manifold, i am mechanicly inclined but would really appreciate instructions , dvd or paper, not just a slip of paper directing me to another online source , i will pay more money if wanted ,but it does say on bike berry .com that it comes comeplete with full easy to follow instructions.. thanks guys. Charles


Sure we do, Marty! Just click here for the Flying Horse friction drive mounting kits. They’re pretty universal, and as long as you have a 4-stroke Huasheng engine (Skyhawks & Stingers, for example) you should be able to mount up your engine again.

marty butler

I had a friction drive bike that had 2 stroke engine on it back in Phoenix, Az. and I loved it till someone ran me off the road and put me in the hospital for about 8 months back in 2004. I found my way to Houston or Cypress, Tx because I have got family here and have been looking for this kind of a setup on a bike again and was in disbelief when I ran across your website. Are there any mounting brackets or specifically those types of engines available I would really like to look into this also am interested in after-market items also? I am so excited, thank you.

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