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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products
Electric Bike Emojo Caddy Pro White MainElectric Bike Emojo Caddy Pro White Main
Emojo 500W Caddy PRO Step Through Electric Trike
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E-Mojo electric bicycles are making waves in the e-bike market thanks to their high levels of customer satisfaction and their inclusive attitude towards electric bike design. Although E-Mojo is a name synonymous with electric bicycles, its new range of electric scooters is generating a high level of buzz as well. Founded in 2013 by long-term business partners, E-Mojo is committed to producing electric bicycles and scooters that reflect the laid back Californian lifestyle.

E-Mojo began after a trip down memory lane, with reminiscences about summer days spent riding around the neighborhood. Wanting to make these experiences available to everyone, regardless of their age, race or gender, E-Mojo enlisted a chief designer (who previously specialized in designing motorcycles) and the end result is an exciting range of beach style cruisers, electric mountain bikes, urban commuters with folding frames and all-terrain fat tire e-bikes for traveling off-road.

In order to make their electric bicycles more accessible to a greater demographic, E-Mojo have released e-bikes of varying designs, from traditional frames to the easier to mount/dismount step-through style; larger sizes to suit larger riders and smaller sizes for smaller riders. At every stage of design and manufacture, E-Mojo has endeavored to keep a low final cost so that their electric bikes are more affordable for everyday people.

After succeeding with their range of e-bikes, E-Mojo decided to expand into the electric scooter market, releasing scooters that are ultra-lightweight (weighing just 19 lbs!) yet equipped with a powerful brushless electric motor.

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