The Motorized Bicycle! Takes the guess work out of motorized bicycles! Browse our selection of do-it-yourself motorized bicycles. Brands include Micargi and GreenLine bicycles paired with our famous Flying Horse Gas Engine Kit!


Want to Cruise Around Town Like a Bad-A**?

If you’re looking for a performance engine that'll last, look no further than our 66/80cc Silver Flying
Horse bicycle engine kit! Perfect for those comfortable with faster engines and have a desire to get up
and go, the Flying Horse bike engine kit will have your ordinary beach
cruiser soaring down the street . There's no rope pulling needed and you
can stop or start the engine as you ride: just pedal the bike normally and
start the engine by releasing the clutch lever.

All of the Flying Horse bike engines feature the latest
upgrades, including Japanese crank bearings and clutch
components. We make certain that all of our
manufactures abide by strict quality control assurance
measures and use the highest quality material so that
we can make certain that all of our customers get
only the best.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials 1

"The whole product and experience is very professional and the kit is a quality product! Assembly went reasonably well and I am impressed with the engineering of the kit and how well laid out it is."

- Matuzak1

"I toyed with the idea to get one of thsee kits, when I finally came down to it I knew I was buying this engine from Package arrived in 4 days (cross country), in great condition when it arrived, all pieces in the box, DVD is a HUGE plus.

Easily put together in 4 hours and have been riding it since I built it. Works better than I ever would have guessed a chinese engine would.

I will definitely be back for more parts and eventually another engine!"

- Steve Kearney
Customer Testimonials 3

"I got my engine delivered to my door in 5 days from Cali to Pennsylvania and I was thrilled with it as soon as I opened it.

Took about 3 hours to put on with me and my brother in law, Dwayne. After installing it, it started right up. Ran Great. Pretty fast at 35mph. These are well worth the money for what they are!"

- David Kalina

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