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What Is a Motorized Bike and What Do I Need to Convert Mine?

Bicycle engine kits are kits that allow you to convert your beach cruiser, road bike, or mountain bike into a motorized bicycle. The engine starts by holding in the clutch lever, pedaling the bicycle, and releasing the clutch. Give the engine throttle and you're off, then hit the kill switch and the engine stops. It's that easy!


Sizing and Fitting

This is a diagram of a bicycle frame to show you where your motorized bicycle engine should be placed.Bicycle engine kits fit most standard 26" wheeled male cruisers, road bikes, and mountain bikes. As long as you have 11" of clearance along the seat tube in the center of your frame, and you have 1"- 1-1/2" diameter frame tubing you should be fine to mount an engine kit to that frame.

Installation requires basic tools:

  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Zip ties
  • Drill

Each engine kit at BikeBerry.com comes with an installation guide to shows you how to easily install an engine kit onto your bike.

What to Consider When Looking into an Engine Kit

There are other factors such as carburetor configuration, engine maintenance, and overall engine functionality that need to be taken into consideration before motorizing a bike.

For example:

  • Two stroke bike engines require the rider to premix gas and oil before riding, whereas a four stroke engine does not require one to premix the oil before riding. This will impact how often you maintain your engine and how much you can push your engine.
  • Some high performance mufflers offer great torque, while others offer a smoother ride. This will impact the performance of your motorized bike should you choose to upgrade your exhaust.
  • CNS High Performance carburetors offer higher performance than standard carburetors, but also require intense tuning and has more complicated installation procedures. This will impact the ability to use the motor with an upgraded carburetor, as it will take advanced knowledge and tuning outside of basic installation if you want to build a racing engine.

Overall, a bicycle engine kit will take your bike to the new level so it's important to consider everything- from engine style to performance and upgrades- before you build.

Though all motorized bicycles and bike engine kits are different, and all have their different quirks to figure out, all engine kits have their sense of fun. Whether you're looking to use an engine to help you on your rides or looking for a fun source of transportation, a motorized bike will get you where you want to go and requires little mechanical skill. From novices to advanced builders and mechanics, bicycle engine kits will give you the power you've always wanted out of your bike!

For in-depth information on bicycle engine kits, performance parts, maintenance, and more click here to check out our blog.

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WELCOME to the most important step in getting you on the road: choosing the right motor for you!

Buying a motorized bike engine kit can be a daunting task, so we've broken down everything you need to know about our BBR Tuning, Flying Horse and Mega Motors bicycle engine kits to make the best choice the easiest choice for you.

We're here to help you make the best, most informed choice when picking out the right motor for your style of riding. Whether you're shopping for your first bicycle engine kit or you're planning your 50th motorized bicycle build, we'll make sure you've got the perfect motor. From racers to weekend riders and everyone in between, we've got an engine kit for everyone and this is your chance to choose yours:

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Ordering your new bicycle engine is so easy it can be done on your phone, a tablet, or your computer in minutes.Now that you've decided on the best engine for you it's time to place an order! Feel free to contact a live representative to answer any more questions you have, or to place an order Monday- Friday during normal business hours. You can also place an order and check out all the information on our engines, bikes, and parts 24/7 here online.

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Placing Orders In Person: That's right- if you live in Southern California (or if you're going to be in the area) we always welcome walk-in's! You'll have the chance to speak to a live representative and check out any parts you need in person. You can also place an order in-house* and one of our outstanding customer service representatives will assist in completing your order. We are available at our Brea, Ca office at the following address:Order from BikeBerry: a company you can trust.

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*Due to California Air and Resource Board emissions standards, we are unable to ship 2-stroke engine kits to California residents or allow pick-up's for 2-stroke engine kits in-house. However, we can still offer all 2-stroke replacement parts (cylinders, crankcases, pistons, cranks, etc...)