Motorized bikes are bicycles that have been fitted with a 48cc-88cc gas engine that allows you to keep the ability to pedal your bicycle freely or turn on your engine and go! These engine kits allow you to convert a 26” beach cruiser or mountain bike style of bicycle. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a bike or you’re not sure if it will fit yours we carry complete kits with bicycles. Click here to see our complete motorized bicycles.


We all know what mopeds are and they’ve been around for quite some time. The problem with mopeds is that they’re heavy causing them to be difficult to use as a bicycle, expensive, and hard to maintain. Motorized bikes have taken that same concept and improved on it. Starting at $159.95, motorized bicycles are a fraction of the cost of a moped. Not only are motorized bicycles cheaper than mopeds, they’re also lighter and easier to ride, simple to work on, and provide a fun do-it-yourself project that’s perfect for those who are interested in learning to work on engines.


66/80cc BBR Tuning Silver Angle Fire Engine and All Accessories

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BBR Tuning Racing Series Stage 4 66/80cc 2-Stroke Engine Kit - engine with parts

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49cc BBR Tuning 5G Pull Start Bicycle Engine Kit- 4 Stroke - engine with parts

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66/80cc BBR Tuning Bullet Train Electric Start Engine Kit - Silver - engine kit with parts

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⭐ "Excellent high revving engine" -Ron Mac

"I have Three flying horse two-stroke engines in use with the fourth on the way and these are excellent – top shelf - high revving -dependable engines. My son-in-law and my brother-in-law have the same engine and neither of us has had any type of failure or issue to date. Although we’ve had these only a short time of a year and a half and have driven around 1500 miles with no issues, everyone of them have held up with no issues – none. Our bikes run in the 25 mile an hour range and we have a few that run 37 mph. They are great fun and a great father – son project. One last note Bike Berry is a great company to deal with. Great customer service and a great product that is dependable. I am 2000 miles away and have always been satisfied with the service and product I have received from Bike Berry."

⭐ "Always the best" - Peter Oster

"I have ordered motors off of ebay to save money on shipping and the products from other companies do not compare! this is the 7th motor i have ordered from bike berry and the technology is always advancing... customer service is supreme! I called yesterday to swap parts for a back ordered part and was extremely impressed. Thank you so much bike berry! Youre running your business right!"

⭐ "2200 Miles and still riding strong!" - Daxton Baxter

"I bought my first kit in February and have put on over 2200 miles, ridden more than 500 of them on dirt and gravel logging roads looking for the remotest camping and fishing areas. I bought a second kit and now am purchasing a third. Plus Bikeberry replaces any parts from defect in a timely manner."

What makes BikeBerry different?

Not only do we offer the largest selection of high quality motorized bike engine kits, we also provide the best technical support and customer service in the industry. If you've been into motorized bikes for some time I'm sure you've come to realize a lot of companies will provide help in purchasing your engine but when it comes time to support after purchase there is no assistance. Our engine experts are there for you every step of the way from purchase, installation, and any technical questions that may come up.

Motorized bikes are relatively simple but require maintenance and need replacement parts. We carry every single part for our engines to ensure our customer never have any downtime because they can't get a part they need.

Even though other companies might claim they provide a warranty, they often make it difficult to use and don't cover any of the parts you need. The warranty we provide with our engine kits cover all parts excluding wear and tear items such as gaskets and chains. Our engine support experts make sure any warranty claim is simple as possible for our customers and any parts are replaced as soon as possible.

What makes BikeBerry different?

Q: What is a motorized bicycle?

A: Simply put, a motorized bicycle is a regular bicycle that has been fitted with a motor. The concept has been around for ages and was truly the start of the modern-day motorcycle. In the past, building a motorized bicycle required hobbling together different parts and components and requiring an endless amount of customization. Our BikeBerry kits make the process quick and easy with our universal fit motorized bicycle kits.


Q: What kind of bicycle can I use with a motorized bike kit?

A: Most 26-inch wheel V-frame style bicycles can be motorized. V-frame bicycles are bikes that do not have rear suspension. Our motorized bicycle kits are universally compatible to fit almost any bike. For a complete guide on how to measure your bicycle to ensure compatibility, please see the below video.

Q: What's included with the purchase of a motorized bicycle kit?

A: All of our kits come 100% complete with everything that you need to convert a regular bike into a motorized bicycle. The only items that iare not included are the basic tools needed for installation. This includes screwdrivers, wrenches, and a drill.


Q: How difficult is it to do the installation?

A: Basic mechanical aptitude is required to install our motorized bike kits. If you're used to turning a wrench, or if you can follow instructions, you should be able to motorize your bike. All of our kits are accompanied by a very detailed, easy-to-follow installation video specifically made for each engine type. Please see our detailed installation guides here.

Q: Is there a warranty with your motorized bike kits?

A: Yes! All of our Flying Horse, BBR Tuning, and Mega Motors kits include the industry's only 6-month warranty. All of our products also come with lifetime technical support! We're just a phone call or email away. With over 12 years in the business, our experts have seen it all and are happy to guide you through any hurdles you may have with the installation process.


Q: Are parts readily available for my motorized bicycle?

A: Absolutely! We pride ourselves on having the largest inventory and selection in the industry for any replacement parts that you may need. We also ship from multiple warehouses (California and Pennsylvania), so you'll be sure to get your order fast! When you're ready to upgrade your motorized bicycle, we have a huge selection of performance and aftermarket parts to make your motorized bike faster, more reliable, or better-looking!

Q: What's the difference between a 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine kit?

A: For a detailed look on the biggest difference between a 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine kits, enjoy the following in-depth guide:

Q: Can you pedal a motorized bicycle?

A: Yes! With a motorized bicycle kit installed on your bike, you can still pedal the bike as normal. However, due to the added weight and extra drag from the engine chain, you will have a bit more resistance when pedaling. For little to no drag while pedaling with a motorized bike, we recommend the Lock-N-Load 4-stroke engine kit.

Q: How do you start a motorized bicycle?

A: For 2-stroke engine kits, you bump start the motor. In other words, you first disengage the clutch, pedal the bike, and then release the clutch. For engine kits fitted with a pull starter, you simply pull-start the engine.

Q: How far can a motorized bicycle go?

A: To ensure a long life for your engine, we recommend that 2-stroke motors not be run for more than one hour of continuous use. A 4-stroke motor, on the other hand, can be run for up to three hours of continuous use.

Q: What size sprocket is best for a motorized bicycle?

A: All of our motorized bicycle kits come standard with a 44-tooth sprocket. The reason for this is because the 44-tooth sprocket is the best combination of acceleration and top speed. When increasing the sprocket size, you will increase torque at the expense of top-end speed. Conversely, if you decrease the sprocket size, you will increase the top-end speed at the expense of torque.

Q: Where can I buy a motorized bicycle kit?

A: is the nation's largest motorized bicycle kit distributor. With over 12 years in business, you can trust BikeBerry to be you're number 1 source for all your motorized bicycle needs.