10" Micargi Li'l Skeeter BMX


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Color: Green
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Learn bike balancing and coordinating with the Micargi Seeker 10’’. The bike has a low center of gravity which means great stability, control, balance, and easy leaning while passing through the turns. The bike has been equipped with pneumatic tires which are heavy duty and can pass through the bumps easily without letting you feel the harshness of the road.

  • Learn Balance and Coordination: Without leaving any negative effects of training wheels the skeeter tires teach you how to learn balance and coordination easily.
  • Adjustable Seat: The height of the seat can be adjusted as per the requirement, making it perfect for girls and boys of any height.
  • Great Stability: Due to low center of gravity it becomes easy to take control of the skeeter and learn how to balance while riding.
  • Pneumatic Tires: You experience less shaky and bump free rides as the pneumatic tires are heavy duty and do not let you feel the impact of the uneven roads.

The li’l skeeter has an ergonomic design which goes on all kinds of terrains without creating disturbing noises or polluting the air. The bike has a low center of gravity which means greater stability balance, control irrespective of the terrain you are riding on. The skeeter is perfect for training purposes.

As the seat is adjustable therefore it is perfect for girls and boys of varying height. The same bike frame can be used by men and women both as the seat can be easily adjusted. The seat can be adjusted according to your height.

To provide speed the bike, run beside it and hop on when the tires begin rolling at a great speed. To slow down or stop the bike, place your feet on the ground. If the speed is not too high then you can firmly place your feet on the ground to stop it.

Skeeter is the smarter way to learn coordination and balancing without letting the negative effects of training wheels take control. Training wheels may have a negative effect on your riding as you can fully depend on the training wheels for riding support, whereas with the skeeters you never have to be dependent on the trainers.

In the absence of any brakes you the riders can get a better idea of when to apply brakes. So. skeeters give you complete control over the bike.

Li’ skeeter is equipped with pneumatic tires which are heavy duty and built to withstand the shocks on the road. Pneumatic tires easily absorb the unevenness and allow you to ride with ease, without shaking. The tires have a thick tread design which ensure great traction on uneven and loose surfaces.


  • Frame/Fork: Hi-Ten steel straight tube 10"
  • Bars: Painted steel
  • Stem: Painted steel
  • Seat Seat Post: Painted steel/quick release
  • Tires: Foam
  • Rims: Plastic
  • Spokes: N/A
  • Hubs: Ball Bearing
  • Grips: BMX Type
  • Seat: BMX Type

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