2.5 L Chrome Finish Gas Tank

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Proving that bigger is better, the 2.5 L Chrome Gas Tank is everything you're looking for in a fuel reservoir. Located on the top bar of your bike, this sleek teardrop-shaped gas tank is sure to fit in with your bicycle’s aesthetic. Boasting a massive 2.5L size, this gas tank holds enough fuel to last you for upwards of 60 miles. So, whether you are looking for a gas tank to match your bike style, or you want to go the distance, the 2.5L Chrome Gas Tank has you covered.

Part #2 on the Fuel Components Diagram

Package includes

2.5 Liter Chrome Gas Tank Part Number (See Parts Manual): 4-21-2.5L

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Customer Reviews

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anonymous customer

Great looking tank, looks great on my minibike. Easy install.

George Hill

Love the tank

anonymous customer

I don't want to put the blame on bikeberry itself because they are probably most likely not at fault. Most of the products I brought from bikeberry where in excellent shape or good condition work just right for what I needed it for. Though with this tank I had to get three different ones due to the fact that the inside of them are all rusted out and outside was Rusty and then I don't know if it was the factories fault or what happened but they were not good condition. The bikeberry support help me out and finally on the third try I got a tank that was in decent condition it still had rust inside but I cleaned it out and made the tank presentable and I use it today which I'm grateful for. No matter what I was still use bikeberry as one of my main bicycle providers and I thank them for all they have done in the past and which will probably thank them again for what they will do in the future

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