2-Stroke Engine Case Spring Chain Tensioner


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2-Stroke Engine Case Spring Chain Tensioner

Designed to provide proper chain tension, the 2-Stroke Engine Case Spring Chain Tensioner is the drivetrain upgrade you have been waiting for. Featuring a spring-loaded design, this tensioner will maintain constant pressure over your chain for optimal riding conditions. It even features 3 different levels of tension perfect any motorized bike setup.Unlike other chain tensioners on the market, this product mounts on the outside of the sprocket case cover. This means you don’t need to tear into your engine, install an extra actuator bearing, or deal with alignment issues. Installation is even quick and simple; all you need to do is:

  1. Install the included spring on one of the three different tension levels.
  2. Remove the hardware installed on your drive sprocket case cover
  3. Align your Spring Chain Tensioner to the outside of your case cover and use the included hardware to secure it in place.
  4. Align your chain with the 10-tooth sprocket on your tensioner.

So, take the headache out of your 2-stroke drivetrain with the 2-Stroke Engine Case Spring Chain Tensioner for the performance you want and ease-of-use you deserve.

Package Includes:

  • Engine Case Spring Tensioner with 10-tooth Sprocket
  • Tension Spring
  • Sprocket Case Cover Hardware

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mike Kitchen

wish i would have known about this when i got my bike 2 years ago....would have saved me alot of trouble....this is a must have for all motorized bikes...just put the one you got with your kit aside and use this insted..will save you alot of trouble....this spring tentioner is rhe only one i use....prfect xhain allianement every time.will use nothing else....

robert kostreva
waiting for spring

this item looks terrific.

Jordan` Douglas
It should be in the kit

This tensioner works perfectly, unlike the plastic wheel one included in the kits. It easily mounted on the little 2 stroke engine, and now the chain can run smoothly to the rear sprocket. It's also much easier to pedal when the engine is off. Should have installed this years ago

anonymous customer

On time and per order.

Carlos Brockenborough

I will always shop BikeBerry

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