High Performance Motorized Bike Clutch Flyweight

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High performance motors need high performance parts, and with this High Performance Clutch Flyweight you’ll be able to give your motor the power it needs without worrying about busting clutch springs ever again.

Without a high performance clutch you’ll be busting clutch springs all the time. When you give your mini dirt bike throttle its flyweight opens up to engage your motor. That means the springs on your flyweight are constantly stretching, and if you’re constantly hitting the throttle those springs are going to wear out quickly. With this clutch flyweight you get heavy duty springs mean to stretch and compress at high speeds and temperatures.

The more power you give your motor the more you’ll need to adjust aspects of your motor, and your clutch is one of them. With this clutch you’ll be able to adjust the stretch of your springs in order to match the type of riding you do, whether it’s on the track or on the trail.

So if you’re running a 2-stroke mini dirt bike or 4-stroke bicycle engine kit, bolt this flyweight on to your engine and get riding!

Size: 2.961” in diameter

Compatible with 4-stroke bicycle engine kits such as the 49cc BBR Tuning 5G Pull Start Bicycle Engine Kit and 2-stroke mini dirt bikes like 49cc 50cc Black 2-Stroke Gas Motorized Mini Dirt Pit Bike

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Jeremy Schwartz
Excellent upgraded cent. clutch

This clutch is way better than the stock clutch in the kit. The springs are adjustable in this clutch. This helps a lot if your riding terrain differs (off road one day, then streets the next). The friction material is far more superior than the friction material on the stock clutch. Cheap price for a huge upgrade.

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