20" Micargi Folding 7SP Bike

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Are you always on the go and want a safer option for your biking needs? Then you should go for the Micargi 20″ Portable 7-Speed Folding Bike. With the ability to fold in half, this bike can become as compact as possible. Built with a lightweight aluminum frame, you can easily carry around and store the bike.

  • Foldable Frame, Handlebar, and Pedals: The bike’s frame, bar, and pedals can fold to become as compact as possible. Such a folding design allows you to keep the bike with you at all times.

  • Smaller Wheels: The bike’s small-sized yet high performing tires make your rough rides fun and smooth. They also add stability to the foldable bike.

  • Step-Through Low-Rider Frame: If you are wearing a skirt or other similar dress, you can easily get on and off the bike super-quick. It also makes the bike look attractive.

  • Rear carrier: The bike is fitted with a rear carrier that is strong and wide enough for carrying groceries, shopping bags, books, personal belongings, etc.

Now, no need to fear your bike being stolen, as you can just fold the 20” Micargi Folding 7SP Bike and take it inside with you! Yes, you heard it right. The bike is made up of a lightweight aluminum frame that has the ability to fold almost in half for compact storage. Its handlebars and pedals too can fold, enabling you to carry the bike around easily. Easy to transport and store, it is the perfect bike for anyone who is constantly on the go. This low-rider bike with a step-through frame makes getting on and off the bike super-quick, especially for women.

The bike also lays equal emphasis on its foldable feature, high performance, and rider’s comfort. It features Shimano 7 speed rear derailleur and shifter for optimal riding experience, and is available in a plethora of colors for riders with different tastes. Being lightweight and compact, this bike with a Shimano 7-speed gear ratio gives you the freedom to ride smoothly on different terrain.

The bike is fitted with several amenities to make your ride comfortable and convenient. The rear carrier allows you to carry books, personal belongings, groceries, etc., with ease. The front and rear splash fenders allow you to ride stain-free. They act as barriers and do not let the mud and gravel get on your clothes.

Great for riding at work or school, this bike promises a rider’s safety with its hand caliper brakes, as they provide plenty of stopping power, especially for lightweight bikes. Quite lightweight, these brakes are rustproof, hence more long-lasting.

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