26" Fat Tire Coaster Brake Beach Cruiser Wheel Set (Black)

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Tired of using those stock fat tire wheels on your extra large beach cruiser? If your wheels are a little worn out and your bike is in need of a wheel make over, the 26” Fat Tire Coaster Brake Beach Cruiser Wheel Set will have you riding in no time.

Fat tire wheels give you more grip and stability on the road, and these wheels do not disappoint. With a width of 3” you’ll command the road when you ride. They’re compatible with fat tires as well as oversized balloon tires on regular beach cruisers, making these wheels some of the most compatible wheels around.

This wheel set includes both a front wheel and a rear wheel with a coaster brake, compatible with nearly any fat tire bike and wide crank assembly.

You also don’t have to assemble the coaster brake assembly, like with other cruiser wheel sets. Most coaster brake wheels come disassembled, and it’s up to you to install, align, and secure the sprocket and arm. With this set of coaster brake wheels the entire wheel comes fully assembled and tuned, so that all you need to do is protect your tube with rim tape and your tire with tire liner, install the wheels on to your bike, and you’re ready to ride.

No matter if you’re taking these wheels to the beach or you’re using them for a motorized bike build, if you’re in need of a new set of fat tire wheels, this 26” Fat Tire Coaster Brake Beach Cruiser Wheel Set will slide right in to your dropouts and have you cruising.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Rear 26” Fat Tire Front Wheel (26” x 3”)
  • 1x Front 26” Fat Tire Coaster Brake Beach Cruiser Wheel (26” x 3”)


  • Size: 26in (D) x 3in (W) (660mm x 76mm)
  • Hub Type: Coaster Brake (Rear); Standard Hub Axle (Front)
  • Color: Black
  • Spokes: 14GA, 36H
  • Compatible with 26" x 3", 26" x 3.5", and 26" x 4" tires and inner tubes

Note: Wheels do not include rim tape, tire liner, tires, or inner tubes. Use caution if using these wheels with a motorized bike build

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