26'' Micargi Mens Rover GT

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Color: Black
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The Micargi Men’s Rover GT 26'' classic cruiser low rider bike is paired with high rise handlebars. Its sleek design and other alloy features will surely turn heads as you cruise through the streets. The bike’s frame, tread black tires and coaster brakes make it a complete package for a safe, durable, and stylish ride.

  • Hi-Rise 15” Ape Hanger Handlebars: The high handlebars allow the riders to sit upright without hunching, making them feel comfortable. They have a world-class grip to prevent slipping of hands.
  • Comfy Wide Seat and Steel Chrome Seat post: The bike has a wide seat cushioned to provide extra comfort and protection. It is well suited for any size rider. The seat post acts as a shock-absorber.
  • 20" Beach Cruiser Oversize Hi-Ten Steel Frame: The bike is built with high-quality material. Its frame is quite sturdy, durable, and very dependable.
  • 26"X2.125 Flame Tread Black Tires: The tires come with alloy rims and 68-spoke wheels, which provide strength and make the bike look attractive.

This Micargi Rover is a chopper style beach cruiser with an attractive, sleek design that leaves an impression on everyone. High handlebars and 68 spokes give this bike a low rider style. It is built using an oversize Hi-Ten steel frame and is a single speed bike—perfect for riding around the beach or your neighborhood. It has an excellent sturdy frame that is very durable. You can depend on the bike’s frame and travel without any worries of damage or jitters.

The high-performing, stylish, safe, durable, and comfortable bike features a triple tree fork, high handlebars, matching fenders, and extra spokes. This cruiser also allows the rider to enjoy the extra space that a 24-inch low rider fails to provide. Its low handlebars allow you to sit upright without hunching over them. Their soft rubber grips prevent your hand from slipping or getting cramped while riding, making your ride more convenient. Ape hanger handlebars also offer you enhanced visibility, and you won’t fall over the handlebars if you suddenly apply brakes. Thanks to the bike’s coaster brakes, your body won’t feel a jolt when you suddenly stop your bike. They drag you a bit before halting the vehicle and perform well in all weathers.

The bike comes with an extra-padded seat that is wide enough to suit riders of any size. You can go on long trips seated on its cushion seat without sacrificing your back. Its black flame tread tires greatly reduce rolling resistance for best performance and safety.


  • SKU/Model No: MB-Rover-GT
  • Frame: 26" Beach Cruiser Oversize Hi-Ten Steel
  • Brakes: Coaster Brake
  • Size: 18"
  • Tires: 26"X2.125 Flame Tread Black
  • Seat post: Steel Chrome
  • Handle Bars: Hi-Ten Steel Chrome Hi-Rise 15"
  • Fork: Triple Tree Fork Hi-Tensile Steel Chrome
  • Crankset: One Piece Steel Chrome Chainrings 44T
  • Freewheel: Sprocket 18T
  • Chains: Heavy Duty Brown
  • Rims: Alloy Black
  • Spokes: Steel Black 14G
  • Stem: Alloy Silver Piston
  • Hubs: Coaster Brakes Black 68H
  • Colors: Midnight Blue, Gray/Blue, Black, Matte Blue, Matte Black

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Customer Reviews

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Russ Chester

Great product. The fork was bent but my local bike shop straightened it easily. Great, smooth ride. Still adjusting the seat to my liking but getting close to perfect for me.


awsome! It's the only bike (other than his Harley Davidson)my husband will ride! He Loves it!

John Crawford

Very good purchase! It's a cruiser! It was made to cruise, and cruise it does! From the get go it was easy to put together out of the box, easy to set the seat, wheels and whatever else in place and it rides really good. I personally like it because I am a large fellow and there is plenty of room (so to speak) to operate the bike. One could snake through a set of tightly spaced cones with relative ease, it is very agile and controllable. I will purchase this bike again for the family without hesitating at all. I got to ride one of these with an engine installed on it, it is very stable even speeding along at 30 MPH. I realize that other folks may be looking for a different experience in a bike, but if you like cruisers, definitely give this one a shot.

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