3.5 Liter Black Gas Tank

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Part #2 on the Fuel Component Diagram

Gas Tank (3.5 Liter Capacity) Part Number (See Parts Manual): 4-21

Length: 14.75 inches
Width: 8.5 inches

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Customer Reviews

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James Cox
Best upgrade

Shipping was fast and the packaging was excellent. I love the upgrade I did on my gas tank. It saves me from.going to the gas station as much as I used to. I would recommend to get it if you are looking to upgrade yours.

Ixehua Gonzalez
Awesome gas tank

It holds a lot of gas for my bike. It’s definitely a bang for your buck!

Chris Reed

Good tank all around just make sure to put an o-ring on the fuel control or it’ll leak

Robert Capps

Its a gallon tank so i can go a long way

Adam Colbert

This tank is large and in charge! Mine came with a very nice gas cap — which, according to an answered customer question, wasn't included at all. The gas cap's O-ring, though pre-lubricated from the factory, is thin and uniformly flat, which allows gas to leak out — this happened at half a tank. I replaced it with my stock tank's O-ring, which if cut in a cross section would have a diamond shaped wedge, and no leaking problems. Considering that the tank wasn't supposed to come with a gas cap in the first place, I can't complain because the cap itself is even nicer than stock. The tank had no rust, but it did have one SMALL (millimeter or less) piece of spherical metal rolling around in it — at first I thought a ball bearing but I think it was just welding slag — which took a bit of shaking to get it out, but it would have gotten caught by the gas filter with a magnet in it regardless, so no biggie. My tank came with mounting hardware neatly attached. The mounting studs on this tank have the same size threading as stock, but are longer than stock (mine mounted on a Huffy Cranbrook no problem). The mounting plates are thicker than stock, and as are the nuts and washers and locking washers (outer diameter only — inner diameter matches stock). The petcock spout on this tank is 90 degrees, straight down; on my stock tank it's 45 degrees, down and back. This tank's spout is shorter, with a large welding bead where it meets the tank. This was only an issue for me because on my stock tank I had large-diameter fuel hose on the spout with a hose clamp; I wasn't able to do that on this tank because of the short spout, and the hose clamp wanted to squeeze the hose OFF of the spout. But I made it work with a bunch of Seal-All™ (which I highly recommend for homemade fuel lines), and I affixed my petcock — a brass ball valve from the hardware store — to the frame with zip-ties to keep it from moving even if it got bumped. So all in all I am extremely happy with this tank.

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