38cc 4-Stroke Friction Drive Clutch Flyweight


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This particular flyweight is made for 38cc 4-Stroke Friction Drive Bicycle engine kits. Unlike other flyweights, these flyweights are a breeze to install and have a better mount than standard-drive 4-stroke motors with external transmissions.

If your electronic components are fine, your motor starts, but it won't do anything but revv, you might need to replace that flyweight. With this flyweight, it's simple:

  • Unbolt the two mounting bolts of the stock/current flyweight
  • Slide the flyweight off and replace it with the new clutch flyweight
  • Bolt the mounting bolts in place, and you're ready to ride


  • 76mm external diamter
  • Note: This flyweight will not work with motors that require the flyweight to be mounted to a shaft. This flyweight will only work on friction drive engines, like the 38cc Lock-n-Load engine kit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Patrick Hutzell
Thanks Earl

Awaiting parts in route.
Thanks to Earl for responding to my email and description of the faulty parts.
He was able to get the proper replacements shipped out within 24 hours of receipt of my photo documentation showing the parts.

Highly recommend that anyone provide photos to speed up any claim.

Raymond Kirkpatrick
New flyweight installed ✅

I ordered the tracer beach cruiser with the 38cc friction drive Lock and load engine and it seems to be that when they sent me the engine the original flyweight was not bolted down all the way. That was no problem because my kit was still under the free 6-month warranty!! Customer support at bikeberry is absolutely flawless and as soon as I took pictures of the damages that were obviously from the original assembly from the factory they wasted no time on getting my replacement parts to me! Now I got the new flyweight installed and I'm cruising back and forth to work again!

Merlin Waltz
Great price

Quick shipping and great price.

Mark Valdez

It's the right size for a 37cc some call it a 38cc. The material is not the best,as far as gripping in heat but it's the right product for my stock 37cc. Works just like new!

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