4-Stroke Friction Drive Bell Rotor


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This 4-Stroke Bell Rotor is a replacement for the bell rotor that comes with most friction drive bike engines on the market, including the Flying Horse 38cc or 49cc Friction Drive Engines and Grubee Friction Drive engines with mounting plates.

If your engine’s starting but you can’t get it to go anywhere, chances are your bell rotor needs to be replaced. Normally, this is due to it being stripped from lots of use, but it can also be done from pulling your pull start too much or too hard. But all you have to replace it is take off the engine from the mounting plate, take off the stock rotor, and replace it with the new one. Built to last, these bell rotors are made to take some tough conditions

Installation is a breeze:

  • Unbolt the current bell rotor from the connecting shaft on the mounting hardware
  • Replace the current bell rotor with the new rotor
  • Fasten the bell rotor completely to the mounting plate
  • Mount your friction drive motor to the bell rotor on its mounting plate


  • 78mm inner diameter (82mm external diameter)

Note: This bell rotor will only fit on mounting plates. These bell rotors will not fit on other transmissions, like those made for bell-driven transmissions, or on single/double chain-driven transmissions

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Michael Greco

They work as long as u paddle the bike as u take off. They seem like they do better as long u give a little gas as u go

James Emilio

4-Stroke Friction Drive Bell Rotor


good I need one or two!! When will you have some ready?


The clutch "Bell Housing" CENTER broke out after nominal use by a Senior - a responsible Bike rider who wanted some "Assistance" on a long run. I replaced the part and cautioned the person to be sure and give it a few peddles before gassing it - as I did on the demo ride and his recent purchase. The "Rub on the tire" approach as always been second rate compared to a clutch / chain set up. ZAP Electric motors and MX5 Gas engines BOTH were "Tire Rub" types - over all ... they are just "O.K." ... and I used "City Slicker" tires with a build up in the centers for longer wear. This was in 1998

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