4-Stroke 5G Dual Chain Transmission

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"If your 4-stroke motorized bicycle is in need of a new transmission, this Dual Chain 49cc 4 Stroke Engine Transmission will have your engine up and running in no time. This transmission will make sure your 4-stroke bike engine has what it takes to pull your bike for miles.
The freewheel behind the bevel wheel allows the drive shaft to idle, which non-dual chain transmissions don’t. Combined with dual gears to ensure the transmission chains don’t slip off while riding, these transmissions are meant to take any type of terrain you can throw at it.
Compatible with 49cc 4-stroke’s like Flying Horse 5G and Huasheng 142F motorized bicycle engine kits, this Dual Chain Transmission will get your motorized bike back on the road in minutes."

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Gets me up hills fine. My driveway is a very steep incline up to my house and when I drive I’m usually going about 20 miles an hour in my car and with the bike I do need to pedal assist but that does not surprise me.

Randy Horton
duel chain transmission

This transmission when installed on a 49cc 2 srtoke pocket bike motor will pull a 26in bike up hills great....it is also is quick!

Mary Fiers

The part was the exact piece I needed to do my repair and I am back on the road once again.

Brian Anthony Craddock

Yes the one i got with the 4G 4stroke dual chain transmission gave out but replacement sofar is great . Shiping was on point . Service person Christian was extremely help. Ill be getting my mags an studded tires for a Michigan winter. Im on a 94 Treck


Perfect! Far superior than belt drives. This tranny is far better than the cheap belt drive ones you will find for sale with most competitors and their kits. This dual chain is far more dependable. Also I always check to make sure there is enough grease packed in these sealed case transmissions and BikeBerry never fails to make sure I get quality parts. I build these kits for friends and the last thing I want them to do is come back for repairs. BikeBerry's quality parts take and doubt away when I do these builds for my buds.

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