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If your motorized bicycle’s 415 chains are snapped, this 415 Heavy Duty Chain Half Link is just what you need to get your motorized bike back on the road. Long lasting and easy to install, these half links will prevent you from buying a whole new chain.
Replacing broken links with master links is unsafe and buying a whole new chain for one broken link is a waste of money. A 415 half link will replace that old, busted link on your heavy duty 415 motorized bicycle engine kit chain. When you install this half link onto your chain you’ll have your 2-stroke engine or 4 stroke engine back on the road in no time.
Whether your 415 chain has one broken link or a few, make sure to replace them with these 415 Heavy Duty Chain Half Links for a long-lasting ride.

The 415 Half Link can replace any broken link on your 415 chains. Don't worry about buying another chain, just get a replacement half link and get back on the road!

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Customer Reviews

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Cody Poole

Just wat I needed.works great!!!!

Stephen Nielsen

415 Half Link

Anthony Duckworth

good link

Michael Rosas

First order got 410 by mistake they imedistely took care of me and sent correct parts I give an exceiient rating

Anthony Novaselic

Got the 415 half link a day before expected which was nice and very normal with BikeBerry shipping. The links worked great!!!

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