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Designed to create a tight seal, the 48cc Top Head Gasket is a crucial cylinder component. Located in between the cylinder body and cylinder cap, this component is tightened into to place once the cylinder cap is tightened. The result is an engine with optimal compression and engine functionality. So, whether your gasket is damaged of your rebuilding your top end, the 48cc Top Head has you covered.

Part #3 on the Cylinder Head Diagram

Package includes

Top Head Gasket for 48cc/49cc/50cc 2-stroke engine kits. Part Number (See Parts Manual): 1-3

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Michael Forrest
Better than fiber

Air cooled engines get high heat and an aluminum or copper gasket helps conduct the heat to the cooler cylinder. If the head gets too hot then it will warp and allow an air leak which will cause weak running and can possibly seize the piston. Of course you first need to plane flat the head and cylinder mating surfaces because they come irregular from the factory. Just buy a foot square of thick glass and put medium rough sandpaper on it, then hold it in place at two opposite corners, then move the head or cylinder on it in circular motions w/o pressing too hard. Even doing that you also need to mark the gasket to know how to put it back into the same orientation as before if you re-use it after disassembly. But ideally you should use a new one each time. JAGUAR

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