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Tired of your motorized bicycle bogging down every time you go up a hill or incline? With this 48 Tooth Sprocket on the rear wheel of your 2-stroke or 4-stroke motorized bike, you’ll be able to take those inclines and hills without worrying about your engine shutting down.
While most stock bicycle engine kit sprockets have 44 teeth, this sprocket’s machined with 4 extra teeth for extra pulling power. But don’t worry, because while huge sprockets will decrease top end speed, this sprocket actually keeps speeds around the same as when you were riding a 44 tooth sprocket.
With this sprocket your 4 stroke engine or 2-stroke motor kit to take hills like a champ and take inclines while keeping the speed, you love.

Part #11 on the Drivetrain Diagram

Package includes

48 Tooth Sprocket Part Number (See Parts Manual): 4-11

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lost small amount of top end Los small amount of top and gained a lot more pulling power pull small cart, do handyman work now I can pull my equipment with no problem! As usual five stars for bikeberry!


The diameter of the circle formed The diameter of the circle formed by the holes for the 9 bolts on this sprocket is smaller by about .5 cm on this sprocket from the 44 tooth sprocket I received with my 66 cc kit. Fortunately, after compressing the rubber parts on the mounting kit and forcing the screws in at an angle, I was able to mount it - albeit in a way that negatively affects the integrity of the screws in the long term. The metal half-moon pieces create a larger diameter on the inside of the spokes as well so the screws are mounted at an angle with respect to the sprocket - meaning the heads and bolts securing it in place aren\'t flushly mounted. Switched out the Chinese bolts with heavy-duty American made ones and it should last hopefully.Did get a nice boost in low end acceleration ultimately! Motor doesn\'t bog down occasionally as it used to which means there is less strain on it which should help the life of the engine.

Retta Retta

That's way more clever That's way more clever than I was expecting. Tahnks!

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