48cc Piston Ring Set


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Jared Lucas

Fast shipping, solid products. Bikeberry is a name i can count on.

Jeffry Hendrix

Came in 2 pieces like it’s supposed to. The other one’s I bought came in 3

that guy

With proper break-in they work great Heads up, long review.Interesting story that I hope helps somebody.I did not properly break in my 48cc 2-stroke engine when I first got it.This is my first build and I got the engine off eBay with an incomplete manual.My understanding was the break-in fuel-oil mixture did the trick.IMPORTANT: after installation you must run heat cycles to help the rings make their initial seal against the cylinder wall (as well as use a 16:1 fuel-oil mix).There are a number of methods to this madness so look up ""2-stroke engine break-in heat cycles"" and you'll find a number of ways to make it happen.I did not do this when I broke in my engine so the rings that came with the engine didn't seal properly.After 2.5 gallons of fuel, one of the rings dug a nice groove in the cylinder wall and I had to replace the cylinder and the rings.I bought a new cylinder and rings from Bikeberry and they arrived without a scratch and went together with the least amount of trouble you can expect when reassembling a 2-stroke.Also, I've found WD-40 works better than assembly lube (like royal purple) when sliding the piston back into the cylinder and if you can, use para-synthetic oil or non-synthetic oil when breaking in your engine in any case.The synthetic oil is so good at creating a slippery surface it keeps the rings from sealing properly while breaking in.Funny enough, I also used synthetic oil when I broke in the first time which probably helped toast my engine.This information is a combination of experience and research on the many forums that exist online with a huge number of threads related to small 2 and 4 stroke engine installation and maintenance.

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