49cc Flying Horse 5G 4-Stroke Engine Assembly


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Designed to not only be versatile but simple to use, the 49cc Flying Horse 5G 4-Stroke Engine Assembly is widely renown as the perfect starting point for motorbike enthusiasts. Unlike a traditional 2-Stroke engine kit that features a peddle start, this 4-Stroke 49cc engine kit offers a centrifugal clutch and pull start mechanism. The result is an engine that is faster to start and not as tiring to ride. Simply give it a pull, twist the throttle grip, and away you go! Engineered to not only be more optimal then a 2-stroke engine, it is even more versatile. The included centrifugal clutch is compatible with a large array of transmissions and direct drive kits giving the flexibility you want in your engine. It even features a stock exhaust muffler on the assembly allowing for a more comfortable ride. So whether you are looking for ease of use or versatility, the 49cc Flying Horse 5G 4-Stroke Engine Assembly has you covered.

This is a Brand new Flying Horse 49cc 5G 4-stroke Engine. The engine comes with a carburetor, exhaust assembly, and covers. If you've got a transmission all you need is this engine assembly to get your bike back on the road with power!

  • 4-stroke Engine assembly with Carburetor and Exhaust
  • Flying Horse 5G 4-Stroke 49cc
  • Shaft Style: Tapered
  • No load RPM: 8500 Cooling: Forced Air
  • Displacement bore & stroke: 41.8 x 35.8
  • Power: 10.2KW @6800 rpm
  • Torque: 2.4Nm @4500 rpm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Bernie Caley
I love this motor

Everything went on my bike perfect. Only thing I had to do was add a spacer between the left side of my frame and the sprocket to make enough room for the chain to clear. Drove it over 30 miles lots of fun if you’re looking for a motor this is where to get it

Neal Minter
4G friction drive rock and roll

I would like to call this the first time in all my bills of using a real engine most of all I've used the little China girls I've read the reviews on the flying horse and I am so excited to mount this on my friction drive shopper today bikeberry has been wonderful wonderful in their delivery time and customer service I will give more reviews once I get it up and running praise bike berry I've made orders from the major internet retailers with their third party Chinese stores on hundreds of dollars of motorized bike parts and engines that disappointment is you never have the customer service and support that you do through bikeberry they are wonderful

Luis Diaz
Works every time so far

Gets me around at a nice pace and sounds great keeps me moving and easy to use. Sits on the back and doesn't get in the way of pedaling. I spend about 1.50 every couple days sometimes the whole week. Great product.

Mike Beishline
Friction four cycle

I chose two 49cc friction motor before I installed them. Both 26” bike frames were too small for the chain drive version. I did buy one through Walmart but had to return it for lack of critical parts. Unable to order the part I returned it for full refund. Research led me to Bikeberry and I discovered the friction versions and took the plunge! No regrets! I did alter a few parts to accommodate the bike frames as I’m installing the second kit now. I am experienced in many skills and with many tools so I enjoy the challenges. Already I’m dreaming a new kit. So far so good and Bikeberry has been a wise choice of kits, bikes and accessories. You won’t go wrong as they are customer/service minded!

Oscar Marrero
49cc review.

Started on the second pull.It now starts on the first pull.Everything was in the shipping box,good engine.Thanks.

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